14 Of Our Favourite Bollywood Proposals Of All Times!

14 Of Our Favourite Bollywood Proposals Of All Times!

Shreemi Verma
Ranbir & Deepika, Ranveer and Anushka
Ranbir & Deepika, Ranveer and Anushka

Bollywood has played such an important part in our weddings right? From the songs, to the costumes, to the ‘look’, most of us take inspiration from our Hindi movies. Weirdly though, proposals from our favourite movies have never really been acknowledged, have they? That’s why lets talk about the best proposal scenes from Bollywood. In this day and age, they’re as important as the perfect wedding!

1) When Madhavan proposes to Soha before going for his ill-fated mission

Just thinking about Rang De Basanti makes me emotional. This film had so many brilliant scenes, one of them is when Madhavan asks Soha to marry him and of course, the whole gang starts singing ‘Ajay ki ho gayi waah bhai waah‘ because they’re all such good friends. This is a few scenes before Madhavan goes for his ill-fated mission and dies. I want to cry now.

2) When Aamir Khan decided to tell Preity Zinta that he loves her, at her own wedding.

Aamir Khan‘s Akash was a lot of things, a romantic wasn’t one of them. It’s Preity Zinta‘s Shalini that brings out Akash’s sensitive side, something he always mocked his friends for. This proposal was even more special as he does it during Shalini’s engagement, in front of her fiance. Just like he asked her out back in college, yes, in front of her fiance.

3) When Rohit proposes to Naina and we hoped it was Aman but it didn’t matter because we love Rohit too

You know what’s the best part? Rohit knows Naina loves Aman, but he still asks her to have faith. He knows his feelings for Naina are strong enough for the both of them, till she finds it in herself to fall in love with Rohit. Be still, my beating heart.

4) When Jay tells Simran how much he loves her, but she says no because she loves him too much

It’s perfect, the setting, the music and the man. Jay is all about passion and heart, but Simran refuses. I might not be a fan of the movie, but this scene is one of the good ones. Simran explains how she loved Jay but he didn’t feel the same way for her, and she can’t afford to put herself through those emotions again because she’ll break. Obviously, the two eventually end up together but this was one of the realist reaction I’ve seen in a movie.

5) When Trisha decided to propose to Sid

Pyaar Ke Side Effects
Pyaar Ke Side Effects

Girls don’t usually propose to their boyfriends, but Mallika Sherawat changed the norm in Pyaar Ke Side Effects. The movie was a refreshing change in many ways and this scene was one of the things that made it so different.

6) When Kabir decides to leave it all for Naina

I have a problem with the love story of Kabir and Naina in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, but no can deny how sweet this scene is. Bunny finally tells Naina how important she is, important enough to leave all his dreams behind and be with her forever. The scene is even better because Ranbir and Deepika have such amazing chemistry.

7) When Jai sings Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na at the airport to stop Aditi

He’s just a boy, escaping prison, riding a horse and breaking airport rules to tell his girl that they’re meant to be. No big deal.

8) When Raj lights up Tani’s life

Surinder and Raj are the same person, while one is doing all the work, the other is the one who knows how to present it. This scene basically shows that every girl needs a guy who has a little bit of both. You know, Surinder on the streets and Raj in the sheets.

9) When Veeru didn’t kill himself because Basanti said yes!

Getting drunk and jumping off a tank is a sure shot way of getting someone to say yes. Or maybe he wouldn’t have to do that had Jai not done this –

(Best scene from the movie though)

10) When Aaliya decided to go down on her knees

Break Ke Baad had many faults, but Deepika‘s Aaliya and Imran’s Abhay had a certain charm to them which no one could miss. This scene is proof how Aaliya finally grows up and realizes her love for the man who’s always there for her.

11) When Arjun tells Zoya about his love for her

We don’t often see Emraan Khan in a romantic role, maybe that’s why this proposal is so special.

12) When (another) Arjun bares his soul in front of Aisha


Aisha and Arjun were always going to end up together, it was just so much fun to see how they’d eventually realize how perfect they are for each other.

13) When Bittoo tells Shruti’s fiance to ‘kat le’

Because Bittoo + Shruti forever!

14) When Raj wants to marry Gayatri but she isn’t too convinced

She does go to him eventually. How many guys will sit and light so many candles for you anyway?! Except when you’re Deepika Padukone, then you might get used to it.

Do you have a favourite amongst them? Or some scene I didn’t add? Let me know how you’d like to propose or be proposed in the comments below!