8 People Reveal What It Was Like To Meet Katrina Kaif For The First Time

Rashmi Daryanani , 14 Jun 2016
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

It’s always fun to hear about fans meeting their favourite celebrities for the first time, and many times, they have a bunch of sweet stories to tell. Recently, on Quora, someone put up a question asking what it’s like to meet Katrina Kaif, and a bunch of answers came in – some good, some bad. Of course, it’s the Internet, so you can’t ever be 100% sure that these people are legit, but it makes for a fun read if you have some time to kill :)

Here are some of the responses:

This guy who got a bunch of photos with her…

I was participating in Standard Chatered Mumbai Marathon. There were a few celebrities including John Abraham, Katrina Kaif Ronnie Screwala, R. Madhavan to name a few. As we were going out after finishing the marathon, I saw Katrina coming in with Ronnie Screwala. I asked her for a pic to which she happily obliged(Ronnie on the other hand was denying as they had to rush somewhere).I spoke to her for a few seconds and also got a couple of clicks with her.

This guy who was super close to her…

Despite so many police guards , I made my way to the place she was sitting as she was going to act. I was actually very near her, but she just kept her head down doing something constantly on the phone which later a newspaper said she was playing Candy Crush. I stood there still just watching her constantly ( she’s so beautiful) and inside me a song was being played – “Tera Dhyan kidhar hai k tera hero idhar hai”

But just then we were shooed away immediately from that place. There was even a chance of me getting beaten up by police stick but I just ran away.

I also came to knew that she denied everybody of pics and autographs, even so much that she even rejected our S.D.M and his wife’s request for a pic.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

This one who said she was warm…

GQ fashion nights, Mumbai. Some really big hotel; we were there for multiple reasons. Katrina and Ranveer were the biggies that were to roll in. […] She looks absolutely stunning. Like jaw droppingly beautiful. I’d seen her before at MAMI {film festival’s opening} but this time I was up close and next to her. […] A lot of times, she’s not rude, her manager or security is. She was damn sweet and warm to me and in the little encounter I had with her, this is all I can say.

This one who gave her a gift…

Its the best feeling if you are her true fan. I was lucky to shake hand with her as she doesn’t do it too often.

I have met her and gifted her a sketch.

This one who made eye contact…

I was working as a Copywriter for an ad agency in Mumbai which had a jewellery client which was a sponsor for the movie Love Story 2050. The movie starred Priyanka Chopra but Katrina Kaif was a guest at the event/party because back in 2008 she had just replaced Aishwarya Rai as the brand ambassador so the brand wanted to showcase her. I didn’t meet her, but after her short stage appearance, when she was leaving, she left through the room where i was standing, she looked at me for a moment as she walked by, she was smiling, wow she was (and is) so beautiful. That’s it. Nothing special, but hey, SHE LOOKED AT ME! :)

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

This guy who didn’t wash his hand after shaking hers…

my friend was such a fan of Kat that he asked guards to please allow him to handshake katrina once, he was also ready to pay handful amount of money to guards for this but guards didn’t allow him. He argued with a guard and the guard began to scold him in louder voice “how dare you? you offer me in black its crime bla bla…” the crowd’s attention turned to this and all began to look their argument.. Katrina asked one guard what the matter was. He told her that the boy was arguing to meet katrina once and after being scolded not even ready to move. Katrina called him and personally made a handshake with a selfie. From then he didn’t wash his right hand for two months, he ate with spoon during this period.. also his selfie is safe in every cloud storage google drive, dropbox etc.

This one who ran into Ranbir and Katrina in Amsterdam…

Also, a friend of mine met her and Ranbir in a mall on the outskirts of Amsterdam. She used to be a huge Katrina fan back then. She got so excited, greeted them both & asked for a selfie with Katrina. Not only did Katrina give her a stare down in reply to her ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan’, she refused to have a picture clicked. Ranbir proactively offered my friend a selfie with him seemingly embarrassed of his GF’s rude behaviour. Before my friend took their leave, Kaif also refused to give her an autograph.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

This one, who Katrina Kaif helped…

It was 2012, when I got an offer to dance with Katrina Kaif. (still as a background dancer). I was also an assistant choreographer for the song, so I got to interact with Katrina. She treated me very nicely. She had difficulties in picking a couple of steps, but she worked hard and never threw a single tantrum. She usually is quiet and reserved, maybe thats the reason people take her for an arrogant lady.

On the last day of the shoot, she thanked me for bearing with her, since she had a hard time picking the steps. We had to work even harder. She asked about me, and I told her about how I have been struggling hard without any luck. She immediately consoled me, and told me that she’ll help me out in some way, and took my mobile number.

And she did. She had apparently made a few calls, and I got opportunities to audition for a couple of films, the very next day. (not as a lead, but sort of side roles). Yet, this was big for me, an opportunity to be noticed. I converted those auditions.

I got the role, I acted in both the films. But I blew it, because I was pathetic. Even the directors told me about it, and so did a few other people. When I saw my part in the film, I was mortified. I realised it is not my thing, and quit this line of work. I am married now, and I work at an event management company earning decent money.

But I am grateful to Katrina for whatever she did for me. She is a great human being.

Read the full Quora thread here for more responses.

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