This Girl Didn't Believe In Soulmates Until She Met Him ♥

Swagata Dam , 14 Jun 2016

saI love love and watching wedding videos with teary eyes is one of my most favourite activities. In this era of dating apps and quick hook-ups, there are also some of us who root for old school romance. And I’m sure it feels like magic when one does manage to find it. This video by The Wedding Filmer beautifully narrates the journey of two youngsters who found their soulmates in each other.

“I didn’t believe in soulmates until I met him,” says the girl. “From the minute that I met her, how I met her, you know, to me it was just obvious that it was meant to be,” shares her groom.

Take a look at their ‘Divine Intervention‘ here.

It just comes to you. You can’t really tell how you are going to find the one or you know it’s the one. It kind of hits you once and then it builds up. There’s a series of tests along the way.


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