In the same way clichés are clichés for a reason (they’re true), classics are classics for a reason (they work). This isn’t more true for many things – LBDs, blue jeans and white shirts  all make the list, but none more so IMHO than the cute white dress. Take a look at Mouni Roy on the sets of So You Think You Can Dance and tell me you don’t agree with me, just a little. Stylist Rishika Devnani chose this white, strapless, empire-waisted dress that touch the shin, just below the knees. She added a fun element with the printed pumps that she paired with the plain white dress.

I love it when stylists stick to classics, but manage to add a little twist to the look so that it doesn’t look dated or too old-fashioned. Mouni also wore another interesting outfit a couple of days ago that had a very cool silhouette. The outfit from EZRA featured a asymmetrical, flowy yet semi-structured silhouette that caught our eye immediately.

She wore this midnight blue and beige outfit to a jewellery launch event and paired it with jewellery by Varun Raheja from Minerali.

Both outfits are so lovely, we can’t decide what vibe we like better…classic or contemporary. Can you help us decide?