10 Regular People Talk About The Time They Had Sex With A Celebrity

Shreemi Verma , 16 Jun 2016
(Source: Giphy.com)
(Source: Giphy.com)

Websites like Reddit and Quora always have very interesting discussion threads, one of them is definitely the question ‘have you ever had sex with a celebrity?’. The answers are usually great – some are hilariously fake, some seem genuine and some just seem too far-fetched. So here are 10 of the best answers I read about doing it with the famous, check them out!

1) Charisma89 is not into kissing and telling –

I’m a high-end escort that has worked in NYC, so I’ve been with a few celebrities. Most of them were arrogant and self-absorbed, and it seemed like they were used to escorts. One of my celebrity clients was amazing though, and he treated me well and actually wanted me to have a good time.

2) Jameswalsh98 had too much fun at an Iggy concert –

Source: Giphy.com

I went to an Iggy concert and bought the full VIP package. So I went up to her, told her she was pretty hot (keep in mind I’m only 18), and she gave me a seductive sort of lip roll you could call it? So I gave her my details bla bla, and I bumped in to her at a VIP area in a club. She was blind drunk so I thought ‘I’m the realest’, and went with her to a nearby hotel room she was staying in. We got down and dirty and when I woke up I had some signed shit and left as she was nowhere to be seen. Iggy is the realest.

3) Rebecca Gold didn’t have sex, but she did have her share of fun –

I have fooled around with a pretty big celebrity, but we didn’t seal the deal. In the late 9o’s he was on tour and did a couple of nights here at the comedy club. The first night I was in line after to get his autograph for my friend who couldn’t go and long story short, at the expense of this drunken idiot in front of me I made him laugh. We started chatting and he asked me if I could take him to get some food. Which I did. We hung out, we hung out the next day, and the next night, and then he left. He was fun and funny and he talked totally normally when not on stage. I don’t regret it, we had a good time and it’s a good story. Well, not the way I told it here it’s not, but when I tell a friend and I use his name, then it’s a good story.

4) This guy decided to go Anonymous, you think his story is legit?

Yes, I lost my virginity to her when we were teenagers. We spotted each other in a function, and got attracted to each other at very first sight. She was learning and practicing dance those days. On the third afternoon we became intimate and had a heavenly experience! Frankly she wasn’t a celebrity then. We were in love and I expressed my desire to marry her….the fun continued. She got her first movie..we celebrated it with tons if love and lust. She was struggling…. The day came….and she turned superstar. ….. She climbed a mountain of success and left me alone. Today she is happy with her hubby, kids and career on screen and I’m with my wife, kids and medical practice!

4) Another person decided to go Anonymous and has a very, very long story to tell

Yes. I am sorry I can’t share his name (I know that takes away all the fun here) because I hate to say this, but he is married.The guy has been a celebrity for many years and has been in at least one epic movie that you probably know. He isn’t a huge huge actor, but definitely known and has been acting a long time. When this happened, I was in the Air Force. I managed to get into a celebrity event near the base to be a face of the military and take some photos for the paper. I was very young, not yet 21. I was having a really hard time in the military at that point and desperate for a rescuer or escape, I suppose. I met a lot of celebrities there, which was definitely fun. I must admit a Happy Days actor propositioned me, but I declined. I then later met up with the actor who I ended up sleeping with. Prior to meeting the other guy, the Happy Days actor was supplying me with a lot of alcohol. I was intoxicated and flirting with the other actor later. The bad thing is he mentioned at one point about having a wife and kids…or a kid. And then before leaving he told me his room number and to meet him if I wanted. I was drunk. Stupid too. I met him in his room. The rest isn’t a fairy-tale romance by any means. After the act was over, he kissed me on the forehead…which is interesting. He is about 20 years older than me … I was very young and looked about 15 – and was pretty innocent, before then. He was (and is) very handsome, funny, pretty straight-forward, and charming. I think it was the only real one night stand I have had. When I got back to my life in the military, I don’t recall telling anyone what I had done! I wondered about him for a while and also felt guilty for years with this in the back of my mind, because he is married. I contacted him years later to apologize for my part in it because I wanted to move on and make things right for myself. I was surprised that he contacted me back right away and told me he had thought of our time, and wondered about me many times through the years. I started to get sucked back into it all. Even though it was a one time thing, as odd as it may sound, I did care about the guy. We have a connection that has been there for many years. I was trying to make things right but I was tempted big time. We started texting and spoke on the phone. Something happened in my life at that time and we lost contact again, although remained FB friends. We chatted here and there and we almost setup another rendezvous as he was filming in a city nearby. We joked about me playing the part in a movie, a young lover. I was in over my head. I’ve distanced myself a bit, but could reach out if I wanted to rekindle things. I have his cell number and all that. If he wasn’t married, who knows what might happen. Life is mysterious and needs some excitement at times. My only issue is that he is married, and has probably had other girls on the side. He said he and his wife have some understanding or openness. Who knows. We are worlds apart. I am a simple person and living in a pretty small town, far from the glitz and glam of his life. I still see this guy on TV …I still find him tempting…it seems like I see him on TV all the time! Only a couple people know about it…and thousands of you readers!

5) TheLonelyScientist described how strange John Mayer is

John Mayer
John Mayer

A girl I knew in college “slept” with John Mayer after the Concert for Virgina Tech. I say “slept” because he had her lie on the bed, then he jacked off on her. Then he just left.

6) And mollym00n told us what Justin Bieber likes to be called

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber (Source: Tumblr)

Summer of 2013 my friends and I met Justin Bieber at Muzik Nightclub in Toronto. One of my friends ended up leaving with Justin and his boys to go back to The Hazelton (hotel). She ended up sleeping with Justin and multiple boys from his crew. There was like 5 girls there and they made them all sign contracts and took away their cellphones. He referred to himself as JB and made everyone sit around and listen to him sing for like an hour while he continuously smoked a shit ton of weed. Too funny.

7) Richard White did not reveal names

My first lover was a woman who had her own locally produced TV show in my home town – so she could be considered a “celebrity” – at least within the local TV viewing area (broadcast TV – way before cable). When I was a young actor on Broadway, several of my then girlfriends went on to become celebrities, but they weren’t celebrities at the time I was dating them. Ex-wife #3 was a leading soprano with New York’s Metropolitan Opera for 6 seasons – so she might be considered a celebrity in the world of opera. As a gentleman, however, I will not “name names”.

8) Therughasbeenyanked slept with Jared fucking Leto! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Jared Leto (Source: Facebook/Jared Leto)
Jared Leto (Source: Facebook/Jared Leto)

I slept with Jared Leto on one of 30stm’ s (his band 30 Seconds To March) last tour. It hasn’t changed my perception at all. I still think he’s a fucking god. Yes, it’s fucking huge. It was definitely some of the roughest I’ve had. Lots of hair pulling, choking, slapping, etc. (I had been pretty vanilla before then, but this opened up a whole new world to me).

9) John Burgess seemed rather mad to be asked this question

Yes I have and none of your business. The reason it’s none of your business is that revealing that person’s name would expose not only her, but members of her family to publicity that’s not exactly called for.

10) And aussam knows someone who slept with Nick Carter! YOU ARE MY FIRE THE ONE DESIRE!

One of my mates sister’s slept with Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys a couple times. Apparently he’s an alright dude ie. didn’t just smash her and that’s it. He kept in contact with her etc.. No idea how large his dick is, or whether he’s decent in the sack.. sorry.


Which one was your fave?

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