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Swagata Dam , 16 Jun 2016
Confessions - It' Complicated
Confessions – It’s Complicated

FremantleMedia India’s latest endeavour, a brand new web series Confessions – It’s Complicated has been a huge success. The story that traces the journey of three 20-something girls (Sameera Saxena, Raka Ghosh and Nupur Murthy) has struck a chord with the masses and everyone’s loving it! After all, it beautifully captures the roller-coaster lives of today’s youth in our country. From first love and first heartbreak to first job and first failure – this one’s an amalgamation of many firsts and much more.

So now you know what to do once you reach home after a tiring day at work. Stay in your PJs and binge watch Confessions – It’s Complicated! while munching on something delicious. To get you started, I have made things easier for you. Here’s a low-down on the episodes that marked the maximum number of twists and turns on the super cool show.

Episode 1 – First Day

The girls are in Mumbai and it’s their first day at Pulse. Somehow they already manage to piss off their boss. 

Episode 5 – Aankhon Hi Aankon Mein

This is the beginning of Nupur and Arjun’s relationship. There’ssome flirting involved as they get to know each other. Also, KK appears in this episode, who hits on Nupur. That brings out Arjun’s possessive side. 

Episode 9 – Cheap Chinese

This is where Raka and Myra go on their first date and kiss. They get caught by the police and are put behind bars. Uh oh. 

EPISODE 11 – Lust at Second Sight

Enter Shivir – Indira’s son. He is Sameera’s eye candy. This marks the start of a fling between the two of them.

Episode 14 – Nupur’s First Time

Nupur and Arjun sleep together and Nupur loses her virginity! 

Episode 16 – You’re Fired!

Nupur, Raka and Sameera get fired from their jobs by Indira because Nupur slept with the boss, Sameera slept with Indira’s son and Raka went to jail and got involved with Myra. Ouch. 

Episode 18 – Baap Kaun?

KK gets involved in a paternity issue with a foreign model and Nupur approaches him to work for him. MissMalini does a cameo in this episode as the co-judge. 

Episode 20 – Madam, I am Your Adam

At Shirsho’s party, Sameera receives a video message on her phone that sends her into a tizzy. It is a private video of Shivir and hers that has somehow found its way to adult groups. Sameera confronts Shivir about it, but he claims to have nothing to do with the leak. 

Episode 24 – We Are Over

Raka busts some serious moves and gets herself out of the situation with Sangram. Nupur is relieved to find Arjun to her rescue in KK’s bedroom..But she makes it clear to him she has put her crush past them. She is thankful for his help but that doesn’t mean she is accepting him as her sugar daddy. Sameera comes down the ledge, but she won’t let Idris go till he leads her to the source of the video. She gets a call from Raka who tells her that she knows someone who can help Sameera.

Episode 27 – I am a [email protected]$#ing MMS Now

Sameera confronts Jay. Bobby feels betrayed by Jay. But Jay is arrogant and blasé. However, he agrees to take down the original video. It still leaves a bad taste in Sameera’s mouth. She leaves feeling alone and broken. Myra tells them that the 3 of them were each other’s strength and they should not let go of that. Sameera tweets MissMalini for help and advice, convinced that there was not a chance in the world that MissMalini would tweet back.

Episode 28 – We Love You MissMalini!

Sameera and Raka go to Nupur to get her to come back. Nupur is sulky, but dying to get out of her aunt’s. There is an unexpected reply from Miss Malini. They go to her office to meet her. MissMalini advises them and talks about her own inspiring journey. She tells them to embrace failure and asks them to come back with their ideas. 

Episode 30 – Epic Rap Battle

ShivirMyraaRaka, Sameera, Bobby and Nupur get together to plan an Epic Rap Battle style interview between KK and Sangram Shinde. They work very hard on convincing KK and they rope in Arjun to help them with this. He helps them and confesses her genuine feelings for Nupur. But she chooses to let things be and decides to deal with that situation when she has to. Sangram agrees to do this interview because he wants to take the ‘kids’ head on and arrive on social media. He negotiates that post this interview, Raka won’t release his pictures of smoking pot online. The interview takes place. It becomes a viral sensation. KK’s career is officially resurrected. The girls’ names get a lot traction online. They are now all set to start a video biz of their own. They celebrate, they’ve officially arrived in Mumbai! Yay. 

You can watch all the episodes on the official Facebook page of Confessions – It’s Complicated!

Happy watching!

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