This 5 Year Old Has Better Hairstyling Skills Than You Do!

Natasha Patel , 16 Jun 2016

Meet Magnolia Strebe, a 5 year old that probably most definitely will kick your ass when it comes to hairstyles and up-dos!

Her mom, hairstylist and blogger Jenny Strobe realised her daughter’s huge talent and decide to make an Instagram page called ConfessionsOfAMiniHairstylist – Because why not?

Since then Magnolia’s been uploading crazy-real and amazing hairstyles that a professional usually do…

Exhibit A; The Triple Flower Bun

Up next; The Curl Swoop Updo

Basically, we’re all mind blown (maybe a little jealous) while she so easily transforms the mannequin hair into pure art!

As a beauty blogger it’s hard (at the same time amazes me)to know how someone with no experience, let alone a kid who’s still in kindergarten, could possess such incredible talent!

Now I have only one question left – When can I book an appointment with her?

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