Video: 5 Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Junkie Out There!

Natasha Patel , 18 Jun 2016

Ah, makeup. Can’t live with it (because it takes up so much of space) and can’t like without it (because life is not a Snapchat filter). Being the resident beauty blogger there are many things I do in a day. From waking up and rushing to work, to making videos, to going for events and so on. But a crucial part of getting my game face on is by cheating my way through life. Or in this case with my makeup routine.

And while these might only be 5 tricks, I assure you they’re gold – and they save up on time.

So who’s ready to learn the basic cheat sheet essentials?

What you’ll need:

For hack #1: Translucent powder and a tissue paper

For hack #2: White matte eyeliner

For hack #3: Business card or any thin card

For hack #4: Glass of hot water

For hack #5: Eyeshadow and a fluffy brush

Want more of these videos? Let me know in the comments below :) x

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