Video: 5 Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Junkie Out There!

Natasha Patel

Ah, makeup. Can’t live with it (because it takes up so much of space) and can’t like without it (because life is not a Snapchat filter). Being the resident beauty blogger there are many things I do in a day. From waking up and rushing to work, to making videos, to going for events and so on. But a crucial part of getting my game face on is by cheating my way through life. Or in this case with my makeup routine.

And while these might only be 5 tricks, I assure you they’re gold – and they save up on time.

So who’s ready to learn the basic cheat sheet essentials?

What you’ll need:

For hack #1: Translucent powder and a tissue paper

For hack #2: White matte eyeliner

For hack #3: Business card or any thin card

For hack #4: Glass of hot water

For hack #5: Eyeshadow and a fluffy brush

Want more of these videos? Let me know in the comments below :) x

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