Game Of Thrones: 69 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching 'Battle Of The Bastards'

Shreemi Verma , 20 Jun 2016

Cannot describe how excited I was for this episode where we’ll finally get to watch Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton at war!


1) This episode description is the most badass one I’ve read in a long time – terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.

2) Oh god it’s happening. this episode will see the end of Ramsay Bolton. So many feelings!

3) Ek toh title track only sounds like a war cry. An inspiring war cry

4) Ooooh they’ve started with Meereen! I thought it would only be the North!

5) We had no clue

6) Tyrion stop it. I love you but stop it. 

Tyrion Lannister

7) I like his gold sherwani though.

8) Dany is in Mad King mode. 

Daenerys Targaryen

9) I’m glad the Imp is putting some sense into her

10) Wildfire reference again. Episode 10 will have Cersei go cray cray

11) A meeting while war goes on in the backdrop. Nice.

12) Hahaah the Masters are threatening to slaughter the dragons? Hahahahahah 

13) “My reign has just begun”

14) This is beautiful 

15) Look at dem beauties! 

Dragons Game Of Thrones

16) And the Dothrakhis! My god.

17) That’s how you use fire, losers.

18) This Tyrion and Dany are a formidible combination

19) The north!!!!

20) Jon, Sansa and Ramsay are going to talk?

21) Lyanna Mormont mofos!

22) “I’m a man of mercy” – Ramsay Bolton. The first time I’ve laughed in this episode.

23) Yea, this fucker won’t have the balls to take on Jon one on one.

24) This trash talk would be more fun had Tyrion been around TBH.

25) Poor Rickon 

26) Can they stop showing Rickon’s dead direwolf? Would really appreciate it, thanks.

27) “You’re going to die tomorrow Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” YAAAS SANSA

28) She’s going to save the day.

29) This scene is eerily similar to the one with Robb and Catelyn planning to take on the Lannisters.

30) See! Jon’s not listening to Sansa like Robb didn’t listen go Catelyn. Though Sansa could tell him she’s asked Littefinger for help you know. Makes a big difference. 

31) “What have i been doing with my life, play with broomsticks?” – Is Jon making Potter references for fun? No, Jon can’t be fun. 

32) Sansa has already given up on Rickon. That’s savage. 

33) This girl has grown so much :'(

34) Tormund and Davos, new BFFs?

35) “Happy shitting” I hope neither of them dies man.

36) Oh hi Melisandre. It’s a good thing she wasn’t at the war council, the last time she was in a room with maps and ideas, she had sex with Stannis.  

Melisandre and Stannis

37) Jon doesn’t want to be brought back. He won’t need it, okay?

38) Shit. Davos knows what happened with Shireen. Why am I crying when even half of the episode isn’t over?

39) The Greyjoys have reached their destination! Did Yara fuck the tits out of that girl?

40) I love how Tyrion is giving Theon a dressing down.

41) Yara is totally eyeing this dragon queen

42) Yara and Dany, the dream team Westeros needs, but maybe doesn’t deserve. 

43) Am I mentally and emotionally prepared for this battle? No.

44) Okay I really can’t. Rickon is too young. But after Shireen, I’m not surprised.

45) Just kill Ramsay, please.

46) Jon is falling into that trap.

47) Really like the hairstyle of Davos’s horse.

48) Not going to watch this. No no no.

49) Ramsay you bastard. You fucking asshole.

50) Those extra arrows were uncalled for.

51) This is beautiful though.

52) Dude. The battle scenes of this show makes some big ticket movies seem amateurish!

53) You go, Jon Snow!

54) My sexy lone wolf

55) Davos, the king of my heart

56) I can’t. I’ll have a heart attack.


58) Wun Wun is really injured :(

59) Littlefinger’s army! See Sansa was eventually right. Although at what cost?

60) Bhaaga saala! Ramsay you skunk! You piece of shit!

61) They have a giant you prick! I know Wun Wun will die but fuck you all!

62) Stop it! Stop it! RIP you beautiful giant :'(

63) Yes Jon! Beat him to pulp! Yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes!

64) The Stark banner is back on the walls of Winterfell. I’m legit crying. We waited for 5 seasons!

65) Davos will kill or will die killing Melisandre fo sho!

66) Come on Sansa, do it.

67) “You can’t kill me”. Watch me motherfucker.

68) Scream Ramsay scream!

69) Drops dogs, walks away.  

Sansa Game Of Thrones

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