Some time ago I had a fab day at the Liva studio shopping up a storm with my Team MM girls – Because hello – shopping! In fact we were quite pleasantly surprised by all the Liva fabric actually, it flowed nicely, was lightweight, slimming and most importantly – didn’t stick to my body! Basically perfect for the blazing Indian summer.

So after revamping my closet with a mega shopping haul, designer Narendra Kumar a.k.a Nari played a fun sketching game with me. I got him to design an outfit each for your favourite celebrities and for his finale challenge, I asked him to sketch an outfit for me!

And lo and behold a couple days later the dress shows up at my desk! Nari created an outfit with the Liva fabric that had fun ruffles and a sexy low back but my stylist decided we should go all Sex And The City with it and threw on a short blazer and a tan belt. A look I’ve been wanting to try. The best part, while the fabric of the blazer was a little more stiff and coarse the Liva fabric beneath was super soft and comfy.

Thanks Nari for a fun day of dress up and Liva for thinking of us girls and how we want to keep it stylist but not sweltering!

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This post is in partnership with Liva Fashion.