87 Thoughts That Went Through My Head During The Season Finale Of Game Of Thrones

87 Thoughts That Went Through My Head During The Season Finale Of Game Of Thrones

Shreemi Verma

It’s difficult to point out the best episode in a show like Game Of Thrones when every season knocks it out of the park. But this season 6 finale, titled Winds of Winter is personally my favourite episode in the entire show. Please watch it as soon as you can.


1) It’s the finale.

2) This is the end.

3) What will I do for the rest of the year now?

4) Okay, let’s start.

5) The Starks are back at Winterfell bitches!!!!


6) I’m gonna miss this theme! :'(

7) Kings Landing. Always smelling of semen and shit (according to Tyrion’s lover Shae)

8) Cersei’s leather dress, fuck yes!http://prahuall.tumblr.com/post/146541821985/finally-found-my-aesthetic

9) The trial is about to began.

10) Poor Loras

11) Poor Tommen.

12) Holy fuck! Cersei looks hot.

13) This pervy old man Maester Pycelle will be the first one to go.

14) Why you doing this Lorasssss?

15) Margaery is not happy. This wasn’t the deal.

16) Is he becoming a member of the Sept? Wow this won’t last long.

17) Where is Cersei? Is she doing what we think she’s doing?

18) Oh My God.

19) She’s dressing like Tywin.

20) Is the Mountain protecting Tommen from what’s about to happen? I think he is.

21) Wine! Always the solution to the world’s problems.

Cersei Lannister
Source: Tumblr.com

22) These children are Varys’s little birds aren’t they?

23) The soundtrack is brilliant.

24) “Sometimes when we have to usher in something new, the old need to go”

25) This is vicious.

26) He must have let out a fart fo sho

Game Of Thrones
Source: Mmashable.com

27) WILDFIRE!!!!!!!

28) Bye Lancel. No one will miss you.

Lancel Game Of Thrones
Source: HBO India

29) Only Margaery understands Cersei.http://claramaximoff.tumblr.com/post/146546116495/cersei-understands-the-consequences-of-her-absence

30) One clean sweep. One.

31) Margaery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, Kevin Lannister, the High Sparrow – all dead. Goodbye half of the cast. http://sciencevsromance.net/post/146542147316/never-let-it-be-said-that-cersei-doesnt-throw-a

32) That Septa Unella who loves to ‘shame’ Cersei. She gonna die son.

Source: HBO India
Source: HBO India

33) What you gonna do with her? What could be more horrific than what she did to you Cersei?

34) “I drink because I feel good” – same.

35) She’s confessing everything.

36) Shit. So this what Gregor Clegane was brought back for?

37) The brutality.

38) If that zombie rapist the Mountain is my new ‘god’, I’ll stop breathing.

39) SHAME.

40) Tommen is dead too, who will take care of Ser Pounce?http://lord-petyr.tumblr.com/post/146543207298/tommenout

41) Jaime is with Walder Frey! Will this be Red Wedding 2? Is he gonna die? NOOOO!

42) This is the same castle where that disgusting wedding happened.

Red wedding
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43) “Not blonde enough?” Love how Bronn is taking Jaime’s case.

44) And now I love how Jaime is taking Frey’s case.

45) The happiest family in Westeros – Sam, Gilly and the baby.

46) This is where Sam will become a Maester!

47) What a stunning library! *Nerdgasm*

48) The Starks are at Winterfell, discussing who will sleep in which room. This is such a beautiful sight.http://bb8s.tumblr.com/post/146541424159

49) Oh no, Davos found out about Shireen, that pretty little stag.

50) This scene is making me feel a lot of things. Give him an Emmy already!

51) Jon’s letting Melisandre go. She did bring him back to life.

52) “Only a fool will trust Littlefinger” – Sansa has become so smart. I like.http://salsastank.tumblr.com/post/146545594444/distrusting-me-was-the-wisest-thing-youve-done

53) Winter is here.

54) Yasss Lady Olenna, shut these stupid Sand Snakes.

55) Lord Varys wants to take things back with fire and blood. So we have Tyrells, Martells and Greyjoys are preparing for Daenerys to takeover Westeros. Nice.

56) Dany is leaving lover boy Dario here. Good, he’s boring.

57) Who will she marry when she comes to Westeros though? Jon? That’ll be pretty ordinary by Game Of Thrones standards.

58) Will the dragon queen and Yara get it on finally?

59) Tyrion’s love for wine is matched only with Cersei. They need to reunite.

Tyrion Lannister
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60) I love Tyrion and Danny’s friendship.

61) The Imp is the hand of the queen mofos! Now no one can beat them now. No one!http://clairetemplc.tumblr.com/post/146540571399/promise-me-ned

62) Frey pies! Walder Frey’s children have been baked into a pie!!! I love Arya Stark. http://somosshippers.tumblr.com/post/146545211443/my-name-is-arya-stark

63) She killed him exactly the way Catelyn was killed.

64) This death has given me so much happiness. It’s crazy.

65) Go away Littlefinger no one likes you.

66) Leave her alone you creep.http://myrandar.tumblr.com/post/146542572538/407-610

67) Stop trying to come between Sansa and Jon. They’re finally getting along! Don’t make them like the Lannisters. (In every way, if you know what I mean *nudge nudge wink wink*)

68) Benjen, don’t leave them!

69) Will we finally get the Tower of Joy flashback now?

70) Yessssss!

71) Young Ned! Young Lyanna! This is actually happening.

72) This is breaking my heart.

73) Bran must be going through so much.http://somosshippers.tumblr.com/post/146545770888/promise-me

74) “Promise me Ned”

75) Baby Jon!!!!

76) Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhttp://iheartgot.tumblr.com/post/146543315122/requested-by-queen-padme

77) I love this show. I’m getting so emotional

78) Lyanna Mormont, my one true queen.

79) SLAY GIRL. http://ebsdrawings.tumblr.com/post/146546522622

80) Oooh is Sansa okay with this though? Even if she is, this Baelish will do some shit. Though Baelish’s name has bae in it, so maybe he’s a good lover after all.


82) Your sister/lover burnt the Sept of Baelor down Jaime! (Even that has ‘bae’ in it, but that didn’t make a difference here). Cersei has done the one thing Jaime didn’t want the Mad King to do.http://insignificantnobody.tumblr.com/post/146541684093

83) Cersei on the Iron Throne. Fuck fuck fuck.http://xionthelostpuppet.tumblr.com/post/146543029904/long-may-she-reign

84) The dragon queen is coming though….so our wine loving psycho won’t be on it for long.

85) Daenerys the Stormborn finally sails to Westeros!http://daenerystargaryen.tumblr.com/post/146542528272/teamtargaryen-dragonsquad-fireandbloodcrew

86) I’m emotionally exhausted

87) Okay, seriously, what will I do for a year now?