"As I Complete A Year Of Marriage..." Shahid Kapoor Talks About Mira Kapoor & Their Relatioship

Priyam Saha , 27 Jun 2016
Shahid and Mira Kapoor
Source: Instagram @shahidkapoor

Shahid Kapoor‘s wedding to Mira Rajput was definitely one of the biggest stories of last year year. The lovely couple is about to complete one year of being married to each other in a few more days and from the looks of it, no love is lost. Shahid, in an interview to a leading daily, spoke in great lengths about the changes marriage has brought about in him.

He said:

On the face of it, nothing changes. But as I complete a year of marriage, I am getting this feeling that it actually changes everything (laughs). I am just trying to figure out how. The situation is like that of a patient who doesn’t know what has happened to him. But jokes apart, marriage does change something deep inside you, for the better. I think it gives you roots, so even if you fly, you don’t fly too high. It helps you understand your priorities. Your priority is your work, and your home. Everything else comes in only if there’s time.

So sweet :)

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