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Alisha Fernandes , 27 Jun 2016
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

How many times have we harped on about the fact that we just love cupcakes here at MissMalini. We can’t get enough, and you know that, but what you might not know is that food in general is a serious business at this office. Everyday, ordering lunch is a group activity, where we discuss and deliberate about what we’re “feeling” on that day. Obviously, everyone fights for their favourite, but on a rare occasion, we all agree and order from one place (oh the joy!) In fact, as I write this blog, the discussions have begun… Pasta? Grilled chicken? Biryani? It’s a circus. ;)

Here are some of the Team’s favourite things to order. (Please note that the pictures used are for representation purposes only)

Sanaa’s Favourite: Tiger Prawn Capellini

I love this dish for the fact that it is nice and buttery and the flavours are very simple. I also love the capellini because it’s a thinner version of spaghetti.

In Mumbai Sanaa suggests you try it at:

The Tasting Room, Lower Parel

Neha’s Favourite: Double Cheese Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza

Double Cheese And Mushroom Pizza (Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Double Cheese And Mushroom Pizza (Courtesy: Shutterstock)

I like a wheat-based crust and the fact that it’s thin crust too gives it the requisite lightness. The mushroom and cheese both add an earthy flavour that basically makes me want to die with happiness!

Neha suggests you try it at:

Domino’s Pizza

MissMalini’s Favourite: Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma (Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Chicken Shawarma (Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Shawarmas are delicious and I just love the pickled veggies and garlic sauce!

In Mumbai MissMalini suggests you try it at:

Carter’s Blue, Bandra West

Rashmi’s Favourite: Salad, Salad, Salad..

My favourite salad has all my favourite pizza toppings (chicken, bacon, cheese, jalapenos) in salad form, basically. Healthy and so yum! And with a roasted garlic and basil vinaigrette it’s a thing of beauty.

In Mumbai Rashmi suggests you try it at:

The Bombay Salad Co. (She’s talking about one called ‘The Hercules’)

Swagata’s Favourite: Chicken Fried Rice & Dragon Chicken

Dragon chicken is slightly sweet and goes perfectly well with the fried rice.

In Mumbai Swagata suggests you try it at:

Candies, Bandra West

Roshni’s Favourite: Paneer Makhani

The paneer melts in your mouth and gravy has just the right amount of butter. If you eat it with a garlic naan,it will be a sure-shot foodgasm.

In Mumbai Roshni suggests you try it at:

Jai Jawan, Bandra West

Devesh’s Favourite: Royal Chicken Rice Feast

This awesome 3 in 1 rice preparation with Chicken Bhuna, Tikka & Reshmiand a layer of egg on top tastes royal just asthe name implies, but it’s not to heavy on your pocket!

Devesh suggests you try it at:


Pooja’s Favourite: Calcutta Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani (Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Chicken Biryani (Courtesy: Shutterstock)

It’s exactly what an out of Kolkata Bengali craves. The smell and taste will transport you to Kolkata for sure.

In Mumbai Pooja suggests you try it at:


Shreemi’s Favourite: Thukpa

A good thukpa can warm the cockles of your heart. It’s both comforting and delicious!

In Mumbai Shreemi suggests you try it at:

Serrnya, Andheri West

Hrishitaa’s Favourite: Cheddar Baked Chicken

Cheddar Baked Chicken (Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Cheddar Baked Chicken (Courtesy: Shutterstock)

What could be better than a juicy chicken breast stuffed with cheese and spinach in a pool of creamy cheddar sauce?

In Mumbai Hrishitaa suggests you try it at:

Café Churchill

Natasha’s Favourite: Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl (Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Burrito Bowl (Courtesy: Shutterstock)

A deconstructed, non-sloppy burrito, a neat freak’s dream come true.

In Mumbai Natasha suggests you try it at:

Loco Chino, Bandra West

Are you primed to try any (or all) the items on this list? Tell us which ones you want to try and maybe also suggest some that we might want to try as well. After all, there are many mouths to feed here at MM HQ!

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