Prachi Desai Takes On The Rains Like It's NBD!

Hrishitaa Sharma , 27 Jun 2016

Let’s be honest, Monsoon is not the favourite season for us fashion lovers. Hair gets frizzy, water-proof makeup replaces all priorities in life and gum boots become more important than heels! But I’m liking how Prachi Desai is winging her style with the change in weather. She wore a t-shirt dress and instead of wearing a pair of sneakers, she made a wise decision of going ahead with a colourful pair of thong chappals. ( I have the same ones, just BTW, Prachi! I guess, great minds think alike.) She accessorised it with a sling bag and a pair of aviators; and seeing that cup of hot coffee, we’ve got to order one now! So, toodles!

Tell us how you liked this rain-ready look?

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