Video: Tisca Chopra Swapped Her Blouse For THIS Classic!

Alisha Fernandes , 27 Jun 2016

Among other things, Tisca Chopra told us that she was a sucker for two things, style wise… The classic white shirt and the sari, when we met her last week. So, being the crafty fashion fanatics we are, we got her to show us how she would pair these two favourites to create her own contemporary draping style. And the results were fantastic, even if we do say so ourselves. Using a shirt as a blouse is such an innovative way to wear the classic and because its white, it can literally go with any colour or print you can think of.

This is obviously not the first time Tisca has worn this kind of style and she was more than happy to show us how because she firmly believes (like we do) that it’s great to experiment and try new things when you’re trying to figure out your personal style. And this is just another way to do so! Watch the video and try it, and definitely keep Tisca’s tips in mind. And don’t forget to comment here and tell us how it turned out.

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