I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Ryan Reynolds is the luckiest guy in the world. Blake Lively not only was the ultimate Upper East Side-r but she even knows how to dress like one off camera! The long legged, momma-to-be has impeccable style and fashion sense; so much so that we cannot get the looks out of our head. Blake keeps it classy, experimental and very very pregnant while spotting her out and about…

She slays in figure-hugging dresses

Really, she isn’t afraid of showing off her bump

Or style her hair real BIG

Then comes the pastel & glitter perfection!

And of course, she can’t stay away from a staple denim jacket!

Or leather bustier dresses

And feathers…

Then there’s her looking like she could be the First Lady (Ryan Reynolds, are you listening?)

I mean, even when she yawns she looks amazing! #BlakeForPresident

From the feathered dresses to the big hair there’s literally nothing (zero, zilch, nada) we don’t love about Blake’s style.

Which look was your ultimate fave? Ours would have to be the black, side slit dress.