Here's What Happened Before Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan Were Spotted Riding Bicycles In Bandra

Shreemi Verma , 02 Jul 2016
Shah Rukh, Aryan and Salman Khan
Source: Instagram @srkblackandwhite

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan were spotted riding bicycles on Bandra roads yesterday and while everyone was happy seeing them together, I’m sure you must be wondering what lead to this sudden burst of affection between the two. Mumbai Mirror has all the details about this meeting –

Shah Rukh, who was earlier at a brand event, called Salman Khan to catch up with him. Salman invited him over and as per a source close to the publication, SRK reached Galaxy Apartments at 11pm. The feast laid out for SRK included biryani, kebabs and the best of delicacies. Unfortunately Shah Rukh is not me and instead of scraping off every bit of biryani present in front of him, he chose to nibble only on the munchies, but they stayed up all night chatting. The morning after, Salman suggested a cycle ride and SRK totally agreed, despite the fact that he was wearing formals. Shah Rukh then called his son Aryan to join them and Aryan just cycled from Mannat to where his dad and his friend where, while Salman got his security to pull out two of his favourite rides. The men hit the streets at like 5.45 am followed by Salman’s BMW and two bodyguards on a scooty. The source added –

They rode around for around half-an-hour with the two actors chatting animatedly and laughing intermittently, hardly breaking into a sweat, Aryan following closely. It was raining, but nobody minded.


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