This Indian Designer Is The Man Behind Hollywood's Current Go-To Accessory

Alisha Fernandes , 05 Jul 2016

The next time anyone tells you that they don’t believe in magic, point them in Saif Siddiqui’s direction. The Dutch designer of Indian origin recently launched a scarf, six years in the making. That is definitely a mighty long time, but this is not just any scarf. It marries high end technology and fashion to create a revolutionary product that is the closest thing to Harry Potter‘s invisibility cloak. (for real!)

So basically, Saif apparently had a lightbulb moment years ago in Amsterdam when a bicycle reflector distorted a picture of his and he thought to himself, how cool would it be to use that logic to disrupt pictures completely to deal with the paparazzi problem once and for all. Enter the ISHU scarf (yeah, pun intended coz it’s a real issue!) Lack of privacy is the biggest price of fame and with this scarf celebrities can choose to not be photographed because the reflectors reflect the flash lights back effectively making the subject invisible. So, why wouldn’t stars like Paris Hilton, Nick and Joe Jonas and even Cameron Diaz rush to get their own?

We know that this one is really going to take off in Bollywood, considering the amount of stars that take issue with the constant flashing lights. Come August, this magical clothing item is going to be everywhere.

And with something so cool and practical, why shouldn’t it be everywhere! I for one can’t wait to see this ingenious idea take off here! How about you?

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