This Hollywood Actress Went Makeup-Free On A Magazine Cover!

Alisha Fernandes , 07 Jul 2016

The August issue of Glamour magazine’s US edition has been making news and trending big time for the greatest of reasons. Their cover girl Mila Kunis actually went completely makeup free for the back cover of the magazine and looked better than ever before. (Seriously, no overreaction) This decision might seem like she CBF coz she’s a badass but her logic for doing this was extremely straightforward. She doesn’t wear makeup or wash her hair everyday, so why should she project something she’s not. No makeup is her preferred look. Fair point, Mila. Although the front cover of the denim issue does feature her in a denim jumpsuit from Off White picked by stylist Katie Mossman, in full hair and makeup (by Andy Lecompte and Tracey Levy respectively), photographer Steven Pan captured her at her natural best for the back cover. Look at that!

If you want to get technical, Tracey did apparently apply under-eye cream, moisturiser and lip balm on Mila before sending her off for this shot, but that doesn’t count at all. If that’s not real enough for you, she opened up about her husban Ashton Kutcher as well as babies and other real-life things. What a baller! You guys must get your hands on this interview. It’s such a great one to read! And she looks amazing, doesn’t she?

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