10 Groundbreaking Things Priyanka Chopra Spoke About In Her Latest Interview!

Team MissMalini , 09 Jul 2016

If I had to pick one all-rounder from Bollywood today, it would invariably be Priyanka Chopra. The woman is winning the world, one achievement at a time. And we love that none of her success is undeserved. From Quantico to Baywatch to upcoming Bollywood projects to ruling award nights to kicking butt on the coolest talk shows (Gasp! Jimmy Kimmel) to just being the style diva she naturally is – Priyanka Chopra is breaking new grounds with everything she does!

Film critic Anupama Chopra recently caught up with our desi girl for a casual chit-chat session where they talked about PC’s global success, her struggles, and of course, her armpits!

On breaking barriers

Priyanka spoke about how she did not want to limit herself in any way and how she has always wanted to push the envelope with her movies, right from the time of Aitraaz. It’s unfortunate how Bollywood actresses are often reduced to mere props in our films, despite the plethora of talent.

“Ladkiya to interchangeable hoti hai”

Painful to hear, but true. Being told that in the prime of her career worked in her favour in
terms of the way she shaped her career. She is irreplaceable, after all! Think Kashibai from
Bajirao Mastani, if you don’t believe me.

Not playing the Indian stereotype

I want to personally thank Priyanka for choosing not to play the “exotic princess or a beautiful
girl standing behind a guy”, as she puts it. Glad she picked up a full-fledged role for her Big
Hollywood Debut.

“My ethnicity should be just because it is”

There! She had me at that line.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

“Forget Bond girl, I want to be Bond”

Okay, she has actually said that before but the point here is Priyanka’s refusal to settle
down for anything less than a lead role. Who needs validation from the West, anyway?

“Sass comes out at night for me”

SHE IS LIKE US. Don’t we all love it when stars are their own selves and are not being diplomatic?
Say “aye” if you too want to see more of the sassy side of Piggy Chops!


When your armpits are a topic of discussion on international news, you must really have arrived!

Being on the cover of TIME

Being featured in Time’s 100 Most Influential People list was huge for PC! And the correspondence dinner at the White House. And the Oscars. And 7 other magazine covers in America. And the Padma Shri, of course! Seriously, is there anything she can’t do?

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Arrogance? Nah!

The girl knows what it takes to find the kind of success she has and has no qualms in
admitting to being arrogant at times. Or as she prefers calling it – “being self-assured.”

Girl love <3

If you need one more reason to love her, here’s what she said about feminism.

Two things feminism needs. One, women to encourage each other. Instead of pulling each other down, we need to prop each other up. Girl love is very important. And second, feminism needs men to stand up and say this is the right decision.

Watch the interview here

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