11 Horror Short Films That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants!

Shreemi Verma , 11 Jul 2016

Horror films are always fun to watch, especially with friends and family who freak out as much as you do. But full-length films are an investment of time and sometimes we’re let down with a promising horror movie which endlessly drags on till the end. So that’s why we’ve got you a list of 11 horror shorts films that’ll surely make you shit your pants!

1) Alma

An animated horror movie? With adorable children? Never that thought that could happen? Well, ooo watch this, watch this.

2) Alone


3) He Took His Skin Off For Me

If this is love, I think we should all stay away.

4) Under the Bed

Why would any parent leave their little daughter alone like that?

5) Light’s Out

I distinctly remember my friend putting this movie up on a WhatsApp group and the collective aftermath of crying emoticons.

6) The Watcher

Coulrophobia is a real thing.

7) Daddy


8) Mama

Daddy daala hai toh Mama daalna hi hoga na? Sorry. But Mama is definitely one of the scariest short movies ever. It created such an impact that they made a full-fledged movie on the same subject starring Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

9) Pictured

Dude. This one is mental.

10) Love Hurts

Because of course it does.

11) He Dies At The End

By far, the scariest one of them all.

Which one was your favourite?

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