Anushka Sharma Just Brought Back This Trend!

Alisha Fernandes , 12 Jul 2016

If there was any doubt that Anushka Sharma was downright real, this outfit will get rid of them. She wore this black and white basic but not so basic ensemble for Sultan promotions and clearly killed it. Stylist Allia Al Rufai chose the right candidate to be the poster girl for the Normcore trend because she fits in with the vibe perfectly. Normcore as a trend surfaced a couple of years ago, and refers to a particular attitude not a style of clothing. The idea is that the wearers don unpretentious normal clothes that aren’t out to make a ‘fashion statement’ as opposed to the fast-moving ‘trendy’ clothes that are currently saturating the fashion markets. The term was coined by blending together the words ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’ to symbolise that even though the clothes might be basic, it doesn’t mean that they are unfashionable, just like Anushka in this white, short-sleeved shirt and mid-length, pleated black skirt by Michael Kors. The fact that she synched her waist with a belt and paired the outfit with white sneakers just made us love the look even more.  Take a bow, Anushka!

Um, also, nice grey dress! Where’d you get it from?

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