I'm Watching Grey's Anatomy For The First Time Ever And It's The Worst

Rashmi Daryanani , 13 Jul 2016
Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy premiered in early 2005, but it’s taken me till 2016 – 11 years after it first aired – to finally jump on the bandwagon and watch the show everyone seems to have already seen. It’s a different experience altogether, and while I’m having some of the same problems people probably had 11 years ago, there are a few new ones that come along with being the only person on the planet watching it for the first time around. I’m currently on season 10, so I’m alllmost caught up – they’re currently on season 12 – but it’s taken me a while!

Here are some of my issues:

1. *spoiler alert* I can’t believe I have to watch this entire show knowing that McDreamy is going to die, but not knowing when. Like, how to deal? Every time something happens to him, I’m convinced this is going to be the moment of his on-screen death, so I mentally prepare myself, and then – nope.

2. I can’t Google the show too much, because I’m very much against spoilers, but it’s hard to avoid major spoilers when you’re watching a show 11 years too late. I obviously already know more than I want to, so limiting all the other spoilers is becoming a real task.

3. WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO FREAK OUT TO WHEN SHIT GOES DOWN? No one else is watching this now!

4. Shonda Rhimes clearly hates me. There’s no other explanation.

5. I genuinely start flipping out about small health issues, convinced they’re something bigger.

6. How is it that doctors can look like this? I’m going to always be massively disappointed whenever I see doctors in real life.

7. I’m convinced after every season that this is the last season I’m going to watch, and then somehow I get pulled into the next season.

… which basically means that I’m still going strong, even though I was fairly convinced after season six that I was done. And, yep, still totally into it. Christina and Meredith make everything worth it. <3

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