21 People Reveal Their Current Relationship With The Person They Lost Their Virginity To

21 People Reveal Their Current Relationship With The Person They Lost Their Virginity To

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Today we came across this interesting thread on Reddit where a user asked this layered question – What is your current relationship with the person you lost your virginity to?

Interesting isn’t it? We then asked some people to share their stories with us as well.

So here is a mix of some of the coolest answers I received and the one’s I found on Reddit.

1) Whenever I see somebody that looks remotely like her, I turn around and walk away

2) We were high school sweethearts. Dated since 16. He broke up with me when we were around 19-20. Said he had to concentrate on his studies but then dated another girl 1 week later (who I was friends with). After the break up, I found out he cheated on me multiple times during the relationship with a really, really close friend of mine from my girls group – yeah sucks.

A few years later (almost 5 years) we meet with common friends. He now has a new girlfriend (a girl I’ve know since a long time) and recently after a night of shots he tells me he’s still not over me and will wait till I can take him back.

Shot him down many times but you know, the feels. Now we’ve reached a common ground – “Friends”. Kind of forgiven him, kind of not. Oh, and we’re meeting for dinner tonight with a group of common friends.

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3) He liked one of my photos on Instagram a month ago and then deleted his account the next day.

4) Haven’t seen her in 36 years.

5) Married to him.

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6) We tried being friends. Didn’t work out.
Somethings aren’t meant to :-)

7) It’s in a good place now! For a long time, there was a lot of hurt and anger especially at my end but over the last couple of months, we managed to reconnect and build a pretty good equation so I think both of us are pretty happy with how things turned out :-)

8) We’re vaguely in touch. As in, we chat on and off whenever we think of or remember each other. But we happened to be in the same city a couple of months ago after years and years and we spent the day together, got a beer (maybe 4), caught up on each others’ lives and I even met the girl he’s dating right now. It was lovely because it was very comfortable, even after all this time.

(Source: Giphy.com)
(Source: Giphy.com)

9) Ehhh, I don’t know. We just view each other’s Snapchats. That’s about it.

10) I hate him. I detest him. I loathe him. I don’t know where he is and I have no interest in finding out. Having sex with him (I thought we were making love back then) is something that I regret the most in life.

11) We dated for a couple years, then she dumped me. Two days later she was dating my best friend. I suspect she cheated on me with him while we were together, but have no proof.
Anyway, they got married. A few years into the marriage she cheated on him with a coworker, leading him to divorce her. She wanted to just have fun with the guy (she was mid 20s, and he was 18), but she got pregnant. As far as I know she’s still with the guy and have two kids together.

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Source: Giphy.com

12) It was my high school girlfriend. She went away for college and we broke up.
Got back together twenty years later. We’ve been married for ten.
Current status: leaning against me watching TV.

13) A few weeks after we broke up, she and the secret boyfriend she had the whole time slashed the tires of my truck and covered it in syrup and rice, as a renewal of their love and commitment to each other.
We don’t talk.

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Source: Giphy.com

14) I’m Facebook friends with his wife. Who is the girl he left me for. I’m FB friends with him, too, but he never posts anything. Their kid is not cute, and she got super fat. This makes me happy.
I’m a terrible person.

15) NOTHING! We literally had no sort of close relationship and only chatted on BBM (it was cool then) before I met him. So, after 5 days of knowing him, I decided to sleep with him. We were 18, we texted a bit, only because he wanted to have sex again and I didn’t.

Then I think I hurt his ego, so he deleted me from BBM. And then a few months later he added me again and then asked me again if I wanted to have sex. I had a Psychology exam the next day so I said no. And of course, I never got back to him so he again deleted me. He was too kiddish. It’s been 5 years and I have no idea where he is or what he is up to.

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16) She was my best friend in High School but we agreed that it was only physical not emotional. We were friends so long we agreed that a relationship would’ve been a bad idea, but the sex was good for both of us that we didn’t stop being physical.

Eventually she developed feelings and wanted a relationship while I was happy being Friends With Benefits. She accused me of using her and broke it off with me completely just after graduation.
However, just before graduation, I sorta predicted this would happen. I thought it wouldn’t happen so fast and that going to separate universities would’ve been the main factor. But I knew we would drift apart soon. So I wrote in her year book that no matter what, I would meet her at a specific time and place in Paris (she’s a big Francophile) in 2017, 8 years after graduation.

I know she saw it and agreed, she told me. So now it’s been 7 years since I’ve spoken to her. Occasionally I would look her up on Facebook to see what I can find out. Next year I will head to Paris (surprisingly I’ve been there a few times since High School) to meet her there because I told her I would and I wanna keep that promise. I’m pretty sure she won’t be there. If she isn’t, then I will go out and visit wherever she is. I don’t wanna get back together, but she was such a good friend in high school I think that it is worth trying to build a friendship again.

Crying (Source: giphy.com)
Crying (Source: giphy.com)

17) I lost my virginity to my first real boyfriend. He moved to Malaysia after about a year of us dating. As most stories go, we wrote letters and emails for a while until, well, we didn’t.

We just lost touch entirely over time. Till a few years ago, I’d still get to hear of him from some random mutual friends sporadically, but that’s not happened for a while either. I know he’s a pilot now somewhere, but no, not in touch at all. He’s not even on my Facebook.

18) None. She’s dead.
We dated at 16, went all the way but broke up not long after. Remained friends and when we were 18, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Five years after that, she died by suicide.
That was 9 years ago in May and I’m still friends with her family.

19) She is now my twin brother’s sister-in-law.

Miley Cyrus (Source: giphy.com)
Miley Cyrus (Source: giphy.com)

20) I am attending his wedding this December. Just because he is getting married to my cousin (it’s an arranged setup). So I am at a very nice position here because everyone (I can’t understand for what foolish reason) has an impression that he is an untouched saint. You know what I mean!
So let’s just say I scare the shit out of him every time we meet because he thinks that one of these days I will out the little secret. He doesn’t realize I’m also a part of it. So, my relationship with him is complicated!

21) I’m currently engaged to his brother and living in his childhood bedroom. Banged his other brother a few times. He moved away, so I see him once a year and every year it gets more and more awkward sitting at the dinner table with 3 people I’ve slept with, all of whom are all related.

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