7 Things Celina Jaitly Said About Her Husband That Make Him Sound PERFECT!

Aayushi Bhargava , 14 Jul 2016
Celina Jaitly with Peter Haag and twins Winston and Viraaj
Celina Jaitly with Peter Haag and twins Winston and Viraaj

Celina Jaitly married Peter Haag in 2011 in a hush-hush ceremony. The couple were then blessed with twin sons a year later. Even though Celina hasn’t spoken much about her husband, we asked her what makes him the idea father to her sons. Her reasons were enough to make us believe just how perfect he is!

“Peter Haag is not your average dad, he is the dad of Indo-Austrian, naughty, hyperactive, talkative and of course, dramatic (thanks to mommy Bollywood-bloodline) twin boys.

1) He could change two loaded nappies in his Ralph Lauren suit (right out of the board room after high flung corporate meetings) with dexterity of a ninja putting super man to shame.

2) He has, in very good humour dealt with the fact that “groupies will follow him to the toilet ” for the next decade.

3) He single-handedly came up with the idea that his favourite multi pocket cargoes could be an amazing replacement for the diaper bag.

4) He gave proudly into the fact that he has to take up wrestling for the rest of his youth after work, every day as a sport instead of relaxing, reading the newspaper as he always did.

Peter Haag
Peter Haag

5) He came up with ingenious ideas to sleep comfortably despite 6 fire trucks, 3 ambulances, 20 different trucks, cars and airplanes invading his bed in the middle of night escorted by the twins.

6) He carries 4 stuffed animals (two dogs, one cat and a shark) without flinching an eyebrow along with a bucket full of mini cars every time we step out as a family.

7) Most importantly, “daddy pig” does all of this smiling, considering date night with “mummy pig” (that’s what the twins call us) will never be the same again.

The fact that even he doesn’t know is that he was an amazing dad even before he became one and that’s why “mummy pig” grabbed him and made him one!

Being a good father needs nothing but being there for your children, always letting them know that they are secure and loved, positive discipline and most of all a good sense of humour. Peter has all and more… he always says “experience wildlife… raise twins!!”

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