12 Conspiracy Theories About India That'll F*ck With Your Heads!

Shreemi Verma , 18 Jul 2016

DISCLAIMER: These are conspiracy theories. We don’t endorse any of them and there is no proof of their validity, basically, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, we certainly don’t!

Conspiracy theories are so much fun to read. That’s why, when I was surfing through Quora, I was really happy to find so many popular conspiracy theories about a lot of things in India. Check out the craziest ones and tell us your favourite!

1) Shivkar Babuji Talpade apparently designed the plane before Wright Brothers


Remember the Ayushmann Khurrana movie Hawaizaada? It was based on Shivkar Babuji Talpade‘s life who apparently designed the airplane before the Wright Brothers. Shivkar’s plane flew at a height of 1500 feet before it came crashing down in 1895. Reportedly, when the British government came to know of this technology being developed by an Indian, they immediately asked the Maharaja of Baroda to stop the funding of the model plane.

2) The blackout in 2012

India Blackout
India Blackout

The Northern grid which supplies electricity to over 60 percent population in India broke down on July 30th 2012, and affected nearly 62 crore people in the country. While most people believe it was due to poor infrastructure, many conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that it was a strategy of the UPA government to break the Jan Lokpal movement which was gathering a lot of support.

3) King Ashoka’s secret society

Source: Quora.com

Now someone needs to make a movie on this one – According to folklore, King Ashoka started a secret society of nine unknown men who guard nine books. Apparently, the books contain vital information on warfare, sociology, communication, alchemy, death, microbiology, light, gravity and cosmology and reportedly have the potential to destroy human race if they fall into the wrong hands. Basically, it’s India’s answer to the Illuminati.

4) The 2004 tsunami was triggered by a dormant World War II nuclear bomb

2004 tsunami
Source: Wikipedia.org

There’s a popular theory that the unfortunate 2004 Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean was triggered by an underwater nuclear explosion of a dormant bomb which was placed there during World War II!

5) A UFO base exists in Ladakh

Source: YouTube.com

Many sighting of a UFO have been recorded in Ladakh but the Indian army repeatedly denies any such reports and blames Chinese fire lanterns for creating this illusion. Interestingly, nobody is allowed to visit the Kongka La Pass in spite of tourist permits, and locals believe that the site is a UFO base.

6) The existence of Vedic aircrafts

Source: old.aravinda.in/

The Vedic literature is supposed to be one of the oldest forms of literature known to man. These Vedas also contain something about the Vimanas, i.e. aircrafts. According to a conspiracy theory, the Vimanas are of two types – A man-made craft that resembles the modern airplane and the others are ‘unstreamlined structures’ that fly in a mysterious manner and are not made by man, the description of which is similar to what UFOs are described as.

7) Use of nuclear weapons in ancient Rajashtan

Source: Quora.com

This theory gained prominence after radioactive ash was found around Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and a hidden ancient city was discovered just a few days later, back in 2010. Although the ash could have been the result of a natural nuclear fission reaction which is not unique, conspiracy theorists believe it is the result of nuclear weapons as according to certain verses in the Mahabharata, this area was one of the places the war was held.

8) Agni V Missile Range

Agni 5
Source: IndiaToday.in

The fifth missile in the Agni series was tested successfully on April 19, 2012 but it’s range was apparently kept confidential. Later, it was revealed that the missile’s range was 5500-5800-km. Conspiracy theorist disagreed and said that if Agni IV had a range of 4000 km and weighed 17,000 kg, then Agni V should have a range of 8000 km weighing 50,000 kg. Many believe that the range is kept a secret in order to surprise the enemies (especially China) in case a war breaks out. Heavy stuff, this.

9) Homi Bhabha was killed by the CIA

Homi Bhabha
Source: Wikipedia.org

Considered to be the father of India’s Nuclear Program, Homi Bhabha was killed by the CIA according to a popular conspiracy theory. This was done to cripple India’s progress in nuclear programming.

10) India is still a colony of the British

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth (photo courtesy | Reuters)

According to some conspiracy theorists, India is still considered to be a colony of the British because the Queen can visit any country, including India without a visa and dictate on how a Commonweallth nation should be run. The theory got serious traction in the sub-continent when Queen Elizabeth II flew down to India in 1997 without a visa.

11) Adam’s bridge (which connects India and Sri Lanka) is the one built by Ram’s army

Adams bridge
Source: Wikipedia.org

Adam’s Bridge is the one which connects India and Sri Lanka, and it’s made of sandstones and shells. Some records suggest that this could be Ram Setu. Yep, the one we read about in Ramayan. It was built by vanars named Nala and Nila, using stones that floated on water because they had Ram‘s name written on them.

12) A LOT of theories on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

jawaharlal nehru
Source: Wikipedia.rog

Read all the theories on this one and the others right here.

Interesting aren’t they?

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