15 Women Share The Amazing Things That Happened To Them During Pregnancy

Aayushi Bhargava , 19 Jul 2016
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Pregnancy is one amazing experience, however, many times we see and hear all strange things about it. As beautiful it is, the thought of it can sometimes be scary. Imagine nursing another person inside you for 9 months.

Women on Reddit shared the amazing things that happened them and their body during pregnancy that made it the best time of their lives.

Check them out!

1) I’m 7mos with my first. In movies and stuff you always have that scene of somebody touching the belly and feeling the baby kick, which does happen, but it’s actually kind of a rarity? Like, you can’t predict the baby’s movements and it’s rarely constant. If you want to feel the baby you have to be really patient. I’m the only person who feels my baby move, and even my boyfriend has only felt him once or twice because he get impatient gives up on waiting.
Anyway, in the last week the baby has gotten really, really active. There’s lots of rolling (not a movement you can feel from the outside) and he’s kicking AND punching at the same time. Dude is getting strong. It’s been pretty exciting, but again, not something I can really share. Last night I woke up spooning my boyfriend and he said he thought he felt the baby kicking his back a bunch while I slept. As we were talking about it, the baby did a big kick and he was like, “Was that him?! Is that it?!” It was just a really lovely moment – to finally really have him share that with me.

2) For me, the most amazing thing was feeling them move around. I had a twin pregnancy. The first movements felt like a butterfly fluttering in my womb. Sometimes it felt as though I had swallowed an octopus as the babies grew. Toward the end of the pregnancy, space was at a premium, so the movement grew less.
They changed positions often. They were usually transverse, or lying crosswise rather than head down or up. I worried they were kicking each other in the head!
The other amazing thing was sitting down in a rocking chair and reading to them (yes, while pregnant), and feeling them “quieting down” to listen.
I felt full, ripe and so totally in love with my impending bundles of joy.

3) Sex is incredible. All that increased blood flow in your pelvic area leads to wonderful orgasms.
Feeling your child grow is an amazing, life affirming feeling.
Your breasts look fantastic!
Food tastes incredible in the later months. Not so much in the early months if you have pregnancy sickness. Pregnant women have a stronger sense of smell making food taste better, too.
Pregnant women have stronger nails.
You are more in tune with your body.
When you talk or sing to your baby the baby can respond…newborns know the voices of their family, they have been listening to muffled voices for some weeks prior to birth.
You get to rest and not feel guilty.

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4) You might have a really hard time getting to orgasm during sex. I did.
But the orgasms every other night in my sleep were nice. Wish I could have kept those.

5) Yes! The blood flow to the pelvic area, resulting in a stronger sex drive and awesome orgasms. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
I’ve read some studies that suggest Breast feeding protects against breast cancer.

6) My arthritis went into complete remission.

7) It temporarily cured a hormone disorder I have, and about sixty pounds just vanished off my body. I was probably the only pregnant lady running around at eight months pregnant screeching LOOK HOW SKINNY I AM!!!
I developed effortless Disney Princess Hair.
People were endearingly protective of me. I went to a concert where a mosh pit broke out, and holy shit, my tiny best friend invoked the power of Greyskull and turned into a battle tank. She threw people away from me while dragging me out of there.
I grew up in an abusive situation and had a lot of shitty old psychological programming that being pregnant counteracted; needing to take care of my kid suddenly meant it was okay to stand up for myself, prioritize my own health, say no to requests, etc.
I also kind of dug the company, weird as it sounds. It was nice always having someone around that I loved.

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8) Perfect skin and nails. I basically never had to shave either. The not having a period is great.

9) I felt beautiful. I could stop worrying about my stomach being flat, my tiny boobs filled out and my hair, skin and nails never looked better.
I felt sexy and my libido went way up. No periods, no worries about protection, increased sensitivity and lubrication. It was awesome.
I was pampered and treated so nicely. My husband doted on me, strangers smiled more at me and were generally very kind and respectful.
I could eat mostly guilt free!
The movement of the baby was awesome. It was such a unique and awe inspiring experience, to me. At first it was foreign, but also really exciting. Like… Holy crap that’s my BABY! Hi baby! I feel you!! You’re alive and okay! It always made me smile and it was like a little secret between me and him and a reminder all the time that I was growing a little person who I’d get to meet soon and fall in love with and show the world to.

10) My headaches went away and I had less anxiety. Both are back now!

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11) I actually lost weight for the first two trimesters. Seemed to kick my metabolism into high gear. The first trimester I could barely eat anything, but the second I could every everything and not gain weight. The third I gained just a normal amount. It was awesome. I miss it intensely. Hubs and I watched a porn, had great sex, and that resulted in this whole other person who walks and talks and likes broccoli and singing and is so beautiful and sweet and gives hugs and kisses and says “I love you too much” and carries a stuffed dog everywhere. Like…what? What magic is that??

12) I didn’t need to shave my legs! The hair just stopped growing, for some reason. Feeling the baby move around is wonderful. People are much nicer towards you. I had a lady feel so bad about leaving things on the ground at work, she made her son clean it up. She also helped me with the other isles too, it was weird. You get to eat whatever you want, and not feel guilty. Certain smells smelled better, with your super hero sense of smell. I loved the smell of Vanilla when I was pregnant.

13) Many people talk about the mood swings but I was the complete opposite. I think pregnancy was a mood stabilizer for me. I didn’t get depressed. I didn’t get angry or sad. It was for me the best antidepressant.

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14) From about 15 weeks on, I had a lot of energy. I could do all my usual stuff. Had awesome, shiny, full pregnancy hair, a fired-up metabolism, that beautiful high, round belly (at the end, anyway!).
All of that estrogen drove up the ol’ drive like it was going out of style.
Every now and then, my son’s kicks hurt, but he preferred rolling. Every night, we’d watch his one-hour nighttime rolling session unfold. It was beautiful and surreal watching that movement. And it was such an odd, such an incredible, feeling.

15) Oh yeah I used to also have a lot of night orgasms. Like a sexy dream that would wake me up in the middle of a crazy full on orgasm. It was fantastic.

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