Salute To This Guy Who Risked His Life While Saving A Girl From Being Gang Raped

Swagata Dam , 23 Jul 2016

A couple of years ago, my friend Jugal Raja had heard a woman screaming out for help in a dingy corner near Kalyan station in Maharashtra. When followed her voice, he found out that a drunkard was trying to rape her. Obviously, the man had consumed so much alcohol that he couldn’t fight back when my friend got to him and ran away instead. And the girl requested my friend not to lodge any complaint as that would spoil her name in the society. Jugal never really spoke about this to many people (apart from us, a few friends) and this remained an untold story.

Vasanth Paul | Source: Instagram |
Vasanth Paul | Source: Facebook |

But Vasanth Paul, who got terribly injured while trying to help a girl who was going to get gang raped, has chosen not to stay mum. And I am very glad that he took to social media to share what he witnessed. Because men like Vasanth and Jugal need to be talked about. They are the kind of bravehearts we desperately need across the world. (They are the real life versions of Shahid Kapoor‘s character from Udta Punjab, who rescued Alia Bhatt‘s character from a world of darkness.) Here’s what Chennai-based Vasanth shared on Facebook:

More power to you, Vasanth.

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