6 People Share What It's Like To Meet Shah Rukh Khan & It's The Sweetest Read Ever!

Aayushi Bhargava , 25 Jul 2016
Shah Rukh khan (Source: Tumblr)
Shah Rukh khan (Source: Tumblr)

Shah Rukh Khan is seriously one magical person. If you think, he exudes charm through his movies and interviews, wait till you meet him. One thing you learn while working with MissMalini is that you finally get to see what a celebrity is really like – to you and the people who could probably do nothing for them.

After I came across a thread on Quora where some people shared their experiences meeting SRK, I asked my friends as well. Like what is it about this guy that makes him so loveable and irresistible to them?

Here are 6 answers for you!

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1) He was so sweet. I met him when Malini was interviewing him before FAN released and he was very calm, patient (despite the Internet issues) and offered to click photos with us. I guess he sensed how shy we were. He’s really nice! – Shreemi Verma

2) It’s when you meet Shah Rukh Khan that you realise why he is who he is. He has a mesmerising and magnetic effect. He is good to everyone. He has this ability of making everyone feel special. He is humble, witty and keeps joking about himself. That I think makes him a winsome personality. – Tasneem Ali

3) Well again i haven’t met him but i once asked a waiter in the hotel i usually go to near my hometown. So he said he has met many superstars because of his job. So he said he had once met Shahrukh Khan in the hotel he had worked previously. He called Shahrukh Khan a very nice, gentle and a witty man. He has an amazing nature and is also a very humble person and he has never met another superstar Like him. – Tarini Agarwal

4) I like to think that I’ve gotten over my fangirl tendencies, but the one person I always go red around is SRK. I’ve met him a few times in person, but my favourite has to be the time at the Dilwale press junket. It was 4am and he was taking a last round of photos with all of us who’d come. We took mine, he told me “Thank you for coming” and I thanked him too. Then – in my sleepy haze and fangirly blur – I also blurted out “Also I love you” while looking at the ground. Kriti overheard and laughed, but SRK just squeezed my arm and said “I love you too.” Dead. – Rashmi Daryanani

5) As it happened SRK was sitting at an arm’s length away from me, with the aisle/passage separating us. It took me all of my patience to focus and partake in the discussion but ultimately , restrain was relinquished. Armed with a canon point and shoot and more importantly , all of my courage, i walk over to him, a distance of barely 2 steps and mutter the longest,’Excuse me,’ I ever have. His face turns towards me, quickly glances at the camera and with a smile he pats me on my cheeks and says,”Oh no, no, you don’t need a photograph with me, you are already a superstar. God bless.” The humility and the wisdom in his tone struck me. It took me quite some time to get back to my senses and I got seated, a smile plastered across my face. That single remark of his beats having a picture with him or autograph of him for that matter and that also made me realise how these stars are just the same people as us. They, too cheer for their kids with equal fervour as our parents and that it is not right on our part to raise them on a pedestal and nor is invading their privacy. They are us, just with alot of handwork. – Anonymous

6) By God’s grace, I’ve had the chance to interview him a couple of times in the recent past. But my first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan will always remain extra special. I had gone for the press show of Chennai Express and during the interval, when I went to collect the free popcorn and coke that all the journalists get, I spotted SRK and Rohit Shetty there. But the two of them rushed to another screen, I guess, to see the reaction of the audience that was catching the paid preview. Then after the movie, when we all got up to disperse, SRK’s manager came in and said, ‘Guys, Mr. Khan is coming to meet you all.’ He was standing near the exit, shaking hands with every journalist. I thought he will meet the first few and leave. But he didn’t move. It finally dawned upon me that I was going to meet him too when there were only 5 people standing between SRK and me. I was shivering because I was too excited. As film journalists, we aren’t supposed to be star-struck but I just cannot help it when I am around him. I told him I loved the film and he hugged me and shook my hand. I was so nervous, I was unable to leave his hand. Then I asked him, ‘Did I tell you I loved you in the film?’ He said, ‘Yes, darling. Youd did’. And he planted a peck on my forehead. That’s when I noticed that Rohit Shetty and Deepika Padukone were standing right behind him and all the journos were greeting them too. I just managed to blurt out, ‘You guys were good too,’ while shivering of course. They both started laughing and SRK looked at them and said, ‘She loved me in the film, and you guys were just good’. I was embarassed, happy high, ecstatic and so much more. I cried while calling my mom and telling her about this. – Swagata Dam

Oh! How we love this man!

Shah Rukh Khan (Source: Tumblr)
Shah Rukh Khan (Source: Tumblr)

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