Varun Dhawan, John Abraham
Varun Dhawan, John Abraham

Varun Dhawan is a star. He has a 100% success rate at the box office so far and just when you think you have him figured out, he delivers a performance that takes your breath away. If that wasn’t enough, Varun’s social media game is damn strong too. Anyone who knows Varun knows that he’s personally involved in most of his social media activities and I think it’s great for a new age heartthrob like him.

Recently, a picture of his alleged “boner” went viral on the internet and I love the chilled out manner in which Varun dealt with it.

Obviously, when I met Varun Dhawan along with the incredible John Abraham and the gorgeous Jacquline Fernandez to talk about their upcoming film Dishoom, I had to ask VD how it felt to break the internet with his crotch.

He simply said:

I honestly don’t care about it. I haven’t reacted much to it. It was just a picture. It came across like that. It’s cool if people felt it was something or said stuff about it – I don’t care. But you know what I did find really funny is how the Indian media questions you – “aapka photo aayaa hai aur uspe negative comment aya hai” (laughs). I didn’t know about this at that time so I asked her what the comment was. (She got tongue-tied). I was like if you can’t even say it, what can I possibly reply to it?

He shifted the “blame” to John saying:

When we started training in Abu Dhabi, John would always say “Give a shot! Give a shot!” So one day I just thought I’d try out what John said.

John, in turn, didn’t shy away from a demonstration:

I’d say “Give a shot” to tighten your core. Varun actually in all his photographs I see now is giving a shot *does a pelvic thrust* (laughs)

Check it out!

Watch the crazy interview here:

Of course, Never Have I Ever was played: