10 Outfits Taapsee Pannu Can Repeat On Her Birthday!

Alisha Fernandes , 01 Aug 2016

It’s Taapsee Paanu‘s and you know what that means! Outfit throwbacks to our favourite looks that she can wear again for whatever she has planned to celebrate this special day. Taapsee’s style as we’ve noticed uses a lot of colour and Indo-western styles. And we love that about her. We’ve picked 11 outfits that we absolutely loved on her and believe that she can totally rock again. Here they are:

1. If she goes to lunch with her girls

2. If she goes for a play

3. If she attends a day party

4. If she goes off on a weekend getaway

5. If she steps out for a coffee with colleagues

6. If she goes out for a classy dinner with her boyfriend

7. If she goes out for a quick drink

8. If she’s attending a dinner party

9. If she’s attending a formal family affair

10. If she’s going to brunch

Happy Birthday Taapsee! Here’s to another stylish year ahead!

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