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Once known as Mother’s Ruin on account of it being favoured by bored and depressed housewives, gin is enjoying a global renaissance. This is driving some serious innovation on the manufacturing side of things with hundreds of new brands and flavours being launched. Which gin is right for you is for another time, but today I want to focus on what to serve it with at your house party. Don’t be the guy who only has lime on offer, don’t be that guy.

Lime or lemon

Some people will literally freak out if you don’t have the traditional choice. That’s fine, have it, but then never invite them to your house ever again.

+ve: goes with most gins, universally popular.
-ve: a bit dull.



One of my favourites – takes the traditional citrus cues to another level. A generous slice will transform your drink.

+ve: easy to upgrade people who are used to the lowly lime, goes with most gins.
-ve: can overpower the more subtle of gins.



Really shouldn’t work but really works very well, thank you very much. Should only really be pared with Hendricks Gin (which is infused with cucumber during the distillation process), but other gins can take also take it.

+ve: completely changes the taste sensation of a G&T. So intriguing. So delightful. So 2016.
-ve: not everyone’s cup of tea, prepared for some confused looks and disappointment.


Pickled onion

I tried this out at a house party after 5 or 6 drinks and let’s say that the results were mixed. When I say mixed I mean that out of 20 people, 2 people liked it. Pareto’s law!

+ve: you’ll look like a pioneer, a gin hero, a maverick.
-ve: people are likely to hate it, and will think you are mentally unstable.


Cardamom, juniper berries, star anise and cinnamon sticks

Sounds like you need to have attended Hogwarts to make this right? Well actually this is really easy, just throw one or two of each of the ingredients into the ice and then pour your gin and tonic on top. Want a really intense flavour? Leave them in a cheap bottle of gin for a week, then serve. Mind. Blowing.

+ve: makes you look like you know what you’re doing. A taste sensation.
-ve: not for the gin and tonic virgin.


So look like a house party boss – get the gin garnish out and let your imagination run wild.

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