This Bollywood Actress Is All Set To Star In The Desi Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Shreemi Verma , 03 Aug 2016
Shama Sikander
Source: Instagram @shamasikander

Vikram Bhatt is all set to launch his own wed-series on YouTube called Maaya which revolves around BDSM and sex, and is loosely based on the popular book and movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. The lead of the series is Shama Sikandar, the actress who has featured in a few Bollywood movies before starring in the TV serial Yeh Meri Life Hai. Shama was recently seen in the short film Sexoholic which also released on the Internet and Indian Express got in touch with her to talk about this new development –

On Maaya –

Maaya is a very intense adult love story. It is about loving somebody and figuring out how to love your own self. It is about various characters in one person.There are various personalities within us, some our close friends know about, some our family knows and there is always that part which only we know about and no one else.

On the comparisons with Fifty Shades of Grey –

Yes some parts have been taken. You can see the concept of BDSM pictured, but in a different way. It is a love story but with a different angle. It is more intense and more realistic.

And finally, on shooting sex scenes –

It’s funny to call them as sex scenes or bold scenes because it doesn’t need a tag. It is as natural as the other things you do. You eat food, you go out, you party, you have sex. It is that normal but by putting such words you make it look abnormal, out of this world. So, I don’t think we should use these words. It is a love story for me and it will have scenes according to the requirement of the script. It will surely have some beautiful scenes to which I am really looking forward to shoot.

Read the entire interview here.

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