POP! Friday, 5th August – Asilo, St.Regis Hotel, Mumbai

To say you’re bored of dance music is to say you are bored of life – (King of Clubs, 2016).

But once in a while you long for the repetitive thuds to stop… and you start to desire a club that plays… *whispers* POP MUSIC. Screw it I’m brave enough to admit that once a month I want to shake my ass to sugar-coated, shout-the-words-at-the-top-of-your-voice, dance-floor strutting pop.

The trouble is finding the right place to do it (have you asked the DJs in Kitty Su to play Britney Spears recently??). Most clubs and bars are too cool to dedicate a night to the most uncool of genres, but most clubs aren’t Asilo.

As a venue Asilo is the antithesis of pop – cabanas, white lounge sofas, drapes, roof top open air views, sensational bar snacks (someone say pork belly??), but it is so confident in itself that once a month it plays host to one of the most fun nights on the circuit.

POP! plays 90’s pop music and like a pop diva doesn’t give a sh*t what people think. The tunes vary from the sublime to the ridiculous – I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt – You bet your ass you are! Groove is in the Heart? Where else would it be? Mambo Number 5? Whatever floats your boat buddy, whatever floats your boat.

And to top it off they serve jell-o shots to everyone who has a happy face. That’s right people – jell-o shots and The Macarena. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So to get you in the mood here are the 10 tracks that you will find yourself dancing to at POP!

Asilo #PopNights, the first Friday of every month.

Asilo, St Regis Mumbai, Level 38, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Phone:022 6162 8031

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