These Designers Have Got Us Loving Handloom All Over Again!

Sanaa Shah , 08 Aug 2016

Yesterday was National Handloom Day and I take great pride in acknowledging that our country is extremely rich in varied culture and heritage fashion. Just like the West have their classics, our handlooms and handicrafts are ours. And just like the LBD by Chanel and the Le Smoking Suit by Saint Laurent are timeless treasures, the benarsis and kanjivarams are passed on from generation to generation. The older the treasure the more valuable it is. A few years ago this teasure was on the verge of getting depleted but with the help of some designers reviving this art, we are back with a bang!

At this occasion I would like to bring to you some old and new designers who have taken the initaitive to revive this art.

1. Gaurang Shah

  • He’s literally the Master of Heritage Weaves that specializes in weaves such as Patola, Kanjeevaram, Paithani and Jamdani.

2. Raw Mango by Sanjay Garg

  • Sanjay Garg is one of the first Indian designers responsible in reviving the long forgotten art of hand woven benarsis.

3. Anavila

  • Anavila Misra specialises in organic fabric. Her label specialises in jaquard and khadi linen.

In my opinion these designers are helping us revive our cultural heritage and are our real heroes of Indian Fashion. They don’t just make brilliant clothes throught their label, but also provide employment to local artisans. This is fashion that your grandmothers have been wearing and your grandchild will want to wear.

What are your thoughts about wearing handloom?

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