After seven months of planning, I was finally taking the Euro trip of everyone’s dreams. I couldn’t wait for the sightseeing, beaches, shopping and all the yummy food, but before I got to that part, I had to pack. Now packing for a month long holiday can’t be easy. But, if you check off all the essentials, you’re free to mix and match and tbh, you know you’re going to shop up a storm anyway. And since ‘buy and wear’ is my favourite way to go, that’s exactly what I did for most of the trip!

Here’s everything I carried to wear before I hit the shops:

1. My favourite dresses

On my trip, I hit up Prague, Budapest and Spain. It was summer in all three places so I made sure I carried my summer dresses.

A white dress is a no-brainer. I paired my Zara shirt dress with some colourful tie-up sandals and a hat from New Yorker. As you can see, it all fit right in!

And I didn’t take just one. I paired my dress from The Meraki Project with a denim jacket when it got a bit chilly at night.

Somehow, I only end up wearing my maxi dresses at night in Mumbai. In Europe however, wearing them in the day felt so great!

2. An off-shoulder top

I may have carried just one off-shoulder top, but I came back home with four more. You know how obsessed I am!

P.S. I wore my jeans only once, so skipping them entirely is definitely an option. Why wear jeans when you can wear shorts, right?

3. Something sexy

Just like my shorts, I hardly ever wear anything low back in Mumbai. So wearing this outfit in Europe was something I had to do. It’s perfect for when you’re going to that super nice restaurant or experiencing the nightlife in a new city.

4. A skirt (or two) and shorts

I make it a point to carry 3-4 assorted tops to pair with skirts or shorts when I’m on holiday. Since it was summer, I carried all my favourite crop tops and some basic tees, and here’s how I wore them…

5. Sandals and sneakers

Believe it or not, I didn’t carry a single pair of high heels on my trip. It was all flats and sneakers and if you think that will be a problem when you go out clubbing, think again. I went to most of the clubs in my Adidas Superstar kicks.

Of course I packed a nice swimsuit and a jacket (my denim one was enough), but pretty much everything else I wore was bought while travelling! Just the way I like it 🙂

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