Sooo I was surfing through Snapchat today (as you do in the middle of a busy work day) and discovered THIS buzzy face!

Snapchat's Queen Bee
Snapchat’s Queen Bee

Now there’s no explanation really why certain Snapchat filters just bring out the cray cray in some people but well, why not?! So I thought I’d bring her to your attention. Ladies and gentleman please enjoy Snapchat’s new Queen Bee!

The Chirpan Series

If you’re wondering who you’re friendly neighbourhood “Chirpan” might be, it’s none other than my fabulous namesake Malini Ramani!

When I asked her what “Chirpan” was all about she said,

It’s a word my maid Devi used the other day, describing how she dislikes Goa. I laughed for hours when I heard the word and asked about 20 people what it meant. Nobody knew! But now I know it means irritating. Soo – in all the videos I’m talking to Devi!

So if you want a little Chirpan in your life, follow mramani83 on Snapchat double quick.