MUST WATCH: This Powerful Video Will Make You Question Your Beauty Standards

Swagata Dam , 11 Aug 2016

Who gets to decide what’s beautiful and what’s not? Since we all have our own set of likes and dislikes, there’s definitely more than one kind of beautiful. Then why are we conditioned to believe that certain kinds of women are prettier than the others, based on their physical attributes? Why is it that through our nursery rhymes, we somehow teach our little kids that they are lovely if they have a dimpled chin or curly hair or rosy lips? That’s not a cool school of thought to belong to. It’s time to break these rules of beauty and #ChangeTheRhyme. WATCH:

What a beautiful and powerful video! Kudos to Dove India for sending out such an important message to not just the women but everyone out there. You can also share your real beauty stories by addressing them to [email protected] ‪#‎RealBeauty

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