There's FINALLY A Show About Kickass Women & Their Stories On Indian TV!

Priyam Saha , 13 Aug 2016
Angels Of Rock
Angels Of Rock

I feel like the Indian TV scene has long been infamous for showing the same old kitchen-sink drama and regressive female characters. Of course, there’s “reality TV” – but even that’s all about bitchy fights and exaggerated drama (because TRP). As an audience and as a woman who takes great pride in being one, it made me really sad that there wasn’t any representation of cool, independent, funny women on television. But now, it looks like the good guys at MTV have heard my prayers because I am completely digging the vibe of their new show – MTV’s Angels Of Rock.

Singing sensations Jasmine Sandlas, Anusha Mani, Shalmali Kholgade and Akasa Singh took a road trip together and the result is a show for women, about women and made by women. I watched the first two episodes over the weekend and I loved the chilled out tone of the show. The entire crew is female and the 4 girls are riding a f*cking Bullet across the country! The idea? Meeting other interesting women with heartwarming stories and making music that touches lives along the way.

This episode saw our singers come together, learn how to ride a bike and shoot a kickass promo too.

I loved how I got an insight into a typical jam session between musicians and Vishal Dadlani‘s surprise appearance was an added incentive. Also, how cute is Anusha’s husband Sangeet Haldipur? Oh, oh… there’s also a major cooking fail by one of the singers #TooCute.

Check it out!

Episode 2 saw the journey officially begin and we got to know of the amazing Rudi No Radio, which is a radio service started by a bunch of kickass women in a small town in Ahmedabad. It was Jasmine’s story and they made a beautiful song about companionship, sisterhood and having each other’s back. However, the show’s highlight for me was their trip to an all-woman restaurant – Nahri Dhaba.

Beautiful :’)

The coming episodes are going to see more inspiring stories. The girls are going to meet a female sarpanch Kavita Joshi in Udaipur and then head to Piplantri village in Rajasthan where 111 trees are planted on the birth of a girl child. I’m looking forward to these episodes already.

Angels Of Rock airs every Sun 8 pm on MTV India.

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