The New Japanese Lifestyle Store You're About To Be Obsessed With!

Natasha Patel , 16 Aug 2016
(Source: Giphy)
(Source: Giphy)

What if you entered a store that holds everything you ever need? Or let me put it in another way – What if you entered the Disneyland for stationery, beauty and household items? Life couldn’t be better, right?! MUJI, the Japanese lifestyle store that literally has everything under one roof.

Newly launched at Palladium, Mumbai, MUJI’s clean, simple and minimalistic aesthetic would have your wandering around the store for hours on end. Yup, it could even draw a Sephora addict to its corner. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the amazing stuff they have to offer:


Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pens (Source: MUJI)
Sticky Memo (Source: MUJI)
Notebook (Source: MUJI)

Beauty & Health

Electronic Eyelash Curler (Source: MUJI)
Cotton Buds (Source: MUJI)
Portable Eyeshadow Brush (Source: MUJI)


Neck cushion navy stripes (Source: MUJI)
Travel slippers (Source: MUJI)
Spray Bottle (Source: MUJI)


Crew neck t-shirts (Source: MUJI)


Bath Mitt (Source: MUJI)
Berry tart candle (Source: MUJI)

Are you going jump on the MUJI bandwagon anytime soon? Trust us, you’ll be a fan in no time!

Happy shopping ;)

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