Just recently we spotted Ranveer Singh all dapper-ed up in a double breasted suit, and today we saw him looking chilled in his casuals. His stylist Nitasha Gaurav picked out this ensemble from Emporio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent which gave us all the sexy vibes we needed for the day. I love the classic combo of white pants and blue tee which is such a basic yet super stylish look for all the men out there. Since it was none other than Ranveer sporting this look, the sex appeal instantly sky rocketed! Don’t you think?

Speaking of sex appeal… our boy Ranveer needs no tutorial on that!

So didn’t I just make your day with these photos? Ranveer it’s about time you come back, some major missing is happening (from me and your fans!). Tell me, what you guys thought about his look in the comments below.