So Cool! 5 Guys Asked For A Lift, And This Bollywood Star Gave Them A Ride

So Cool! 5 Guys Asked For A Lift, And This Bollywood Star Gave Them A Ride

Rashmi Daryanani

Can you imagine what it’d be like to be standing on the side of the road, hailing passing vehicles in order to get a lift, having a car pull up – and then realising that a big Bollywood star is sitting inside said car? This is what happened to 5 best friends many years ago, when – being too broke to afford taxi rides – they tried to get a lift and had Suniel Shetty drive up in his Ambassador! These 5 friends recently told Humans of Bombay about their great friendship and all the experiences they’ve been through together, and while narrating their story, the Suniel Shetty incident came up:

As we grew up, we were perpetually broke, so there was this one day when we went to our favourite restaurant and ordered 1 plate of paneer with 30 plates of gravy — the server just looked at us too shocked to even speak! Thanks to being broke we would also ask for car lifts very often because we couldn’t afford a taxi and around this junction only, Sunil Shetty gave us a lift in his ambassador…anything was possible!

Their entire story is pretty epic, especially this incident about one of their last minute trips:

On one occasion, we drove all the way to Panvel and because it was too late to return, we stayed at a cheap hotel. There were no cellphones, and we were anyways low on money so there was no way to inform our parents…they were going crazy back here in Bombay. But the next day, we did a coin flip — if it was heads we would take the left to Lonavala or tails we would return home…of course we drove all the way to Lonavala and when we got back, we got the blasting of our lives and weren’t allowed to even go near that car for a long, long time!

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