7 Bollywood Actors React To Stinky Situations

7 Bollywood Actors React To Stinky Situations

Shreemi Verma

Life is full of twists and turns right? Like some days you’re on cloud 9 but sometimes you have deal with such shitty situations, you really wonder what went wrong. Especially our Bollywood celebrities, these dudes face so much flak for so many things, and sometimes for no solid reason. So here’s how we’ve imagined the reactions of our superstars when they’ve been put in ‘stinky situations‘.

1) When too many people are constantly asking for selfies

Ranveer and Deepika
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2) When you see a sweaty hoard of paparazzi running towards you

Meena Kumari
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3) When someone completely random files an FIR against you because you ‘offended’ them

Kirron Kher
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4) When you spot someone you don’t want to meet

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5) When your co-star eats a lot of onions before an intimate scene

Anushka Sharma
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6) When you’re expected to laugh at jokes you don’t find funny but you don’t want to be impolite

Aishwarya Rai
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7) And finally, when you throw a party and people completely wreck your house!

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