7 Women Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Offs On A First Date

Rashmi Daryanani , 19 Aug 2016


A lot hinges on the first date: it’s the time you’ll want to be on your best behaviour, look your best and say all the right things – after all, the first date is a major deciding factor in where things go from there. And while we all hope that we’re doing the right things on a first date, there are some things we just have a ‘chalta hai’ attitude about – that can go on to becoming major turn-offs. I asked seven women to share what their biggest turn-offs in a guy are on the first date, and here are some of the responses that came in. Now you know… don’t take things for granted!

Not wearing deodorant

His cute face was the main reason I agreed to go for a date. And when he entered, he looks great too. Until he got closer: then I realised he wasn’t wearing deodorant! The smell was a little too overpowering and he didn’t even notice it. Later got to know he lied about his age and was about 4 years younger to me. Not that it matters, but looks are definitely deceptive.

Only talking about himself

A turn off on first date will obviously be if he keeps talking about himself. I get that you have to create an impression but please let the date talk too. It’s a conversation, not a lecture!

A ‘chalta hai’ attitude about dandruff – because #DandruffNahiChalega

He had a lot of dandruff and I think he didn’t realise… or he didn’t care about it. His hair was oily AND to make it worse, he was wearing a black tshirt so it looked like it had been snowing outside or something. Such a shame, because he was otherwise decently put-together. But I just couldn’t get past the obvious flakes everywhere,seriously wanted to give him a Head & Shoulders shampoo to salvage the situation. Immediate turn-off.

Dirty nails

Long, dirty nails! Just absolutely gross. Cut your nails, or keep them clean! Full ew.

Digging in immediately

Starting to eat his food without offering. Like if the waiter brings your food first – just wait it out until I get mine or ask if I want a bite! Jeez Louise!

Being rude

It’s the absolute worst when a guy is rude to the wait staff while on a date. I feel like that’s a major red flag: they are nice to you but horrible to staff.

Not having an opinion

Biggest turn off in a guy on a first date is when he tells you to decide what to do. Like asking your opinion is good, but telling you that he will eat whatever you eat and not even telling you what his likes/dislikes are when it comes to food or places to go. If you can’t make up your mind about these things, then how will you about our relationship? Dodo!

What are some of the biggest turn-offs for you?

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