Renukha Shahane's Rant On Fairness Creams Is The Best Thing You'll Read Today

Rashmi Daryanani , 20 Aug 2016

If you feel rage just thinking about fairness and how much importance its given in Indian society, you’re going to want to take some time out to read Renuka Shahane‘s anti-fairness cream rant that she posted on her Facebook earlier today. In it, she talks about how achievement has nothing to do with the colour of one’s skin, and a lot to do with so many other things – unlike what certain products would like to tell us.

Achievement is definitely NOT available in a “Fair & Lovely” packet worth a few rupees but a combo pack of grit, grime, determination, depression, frustration, discipline, hardship, pain, sacrifice, ambition, love, success, failure, dreams that we can’t ever dream of buying.

Read her full post here:

“Achievement is NOT to teach children that only fair is lovely but that being fair & honest is a true sign of a being lovely.” This!

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