Ssharad Malhotra Just Shared A Message For All His Fans Because Of Divyanka Tripathi

Aayushi Bhargava , 20 Aug 2016
Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Tripathi | Source: @Divyanka_T Twitter |
Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Tripathi | Source: @Divyanka_T Twitter |

It’s no hidden fact that Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotra used to date each other once upon a time. However, the two have now moved on and Divyanka is happily married to Vivek Dahiya. Even though they have no bad blood between them, their fans seem to still be hung up on their past.

Ssharad took to social media to issue a public note after Divyanka asked him to do so. Apparently, not only Divyanka but also her loved ones were being subjected to abuses because of her relationship with Ssharad.

He wrote:

Was a little disappointed when I got a text from Mrs Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya stating that apparently some of my fans were deterring her image and hurling abuses at her and family. On one hand we have the women at the Olympics making the nation beam with pride and happiness and on other we also have a certain section of people who are disrespecting women.. As Mrs Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya asked me to make a public note, so I hereby request one and all that kindly respect women and please respect our privacy as we both have moved on… I wish her a happy married life.
Also I completely believe that true fans of mine would never tarnish a women’s image.
#respect #women

We couldn’t agree more! Preach!

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