Deepika Padukone’s New Film For Vistara Will Make Everyone Want To #FlyTheNewFeeling

Priyam Saha , 22 Aug 2016

Deepika Padukone is remarkable…but we already know that. So of course when she endorses anything, you know it’s something of consequence. I’m happy to report that DP is the new brand ambassador for Vistara. Cool, right?

Fun fact: I was on Vistara’s first Bombay-Delhi flight and man, what hospitality!

Deepika’s first film for them completely displays her absolute wonder at rediscovering her inner child as she savours the pleasure and magic of flying Vistara. Of course, she looks gorgeous, but somehow she effortlessly brings out that spark of happiness people feel when they fly Vistara. This endearing film captures that feeling in a charming and evocative manner.

Watch and enjoy

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