Fashion Blogger Reveals The Bitchy Side Of Mumbai's "Wannabe" Fashion Scene

MissMalini , 23 Aug 2016
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My dear friend and former colleague Ranjit Rodricks cracked me up the other day when he so astutely captured a conversation I’ve had a zillion times in the run up to fashion week! I kid you not this is an absolute true story (and you know who you are!). So I thought you might enjoy a little peek into the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a fashion blogger and the calls you inevitably get to rekindle what can only be deemed an acquaintance-like friendship at best. And as they say about all comedy – it’s all about timing! Hahaha enjoy :)

Tring Tring – It’s Fashion Week Calling!

Twice a year, I’m suddenly among the most popular people on Mumbai’s fashion scene.  Acquaintances and “friends” who have not been in touch through much of the year, suddenly realise they have my number saved on their phone and call to meet up with me.

Mysteriously, this always seems to happen just before the start of a fashion week in Mumbai.

This past week, my phone rang at the ungodly hour of 11pm at night. I’m reading the latest Harry Potter tome and grumpily tear myself away from the exploits of Albus and Scorpious hurtling through time to look at the number flashing on the screen.

It’s an acquaintance who has not been in touch since months.

Against my better judgement, I pick up…

 Me: Hi (sounding cheery but not elated to receive a call at this late hour).

Acquaintance: HIIIII BABES (almost shrieking). How are you? Where have you disappeared to? (said in a very exuberant tone).

Me (slightly taken aback): I’m right here. Been busy with work.

Acquaintance: I know….I see all your party pix on Facebook. Hobnobbing with so many celebrities, haan(sounding almost accusatory).

Me (not knowing exactly what to say): Hmmm thanks.

Acquaintance (trying to send me off on a guilt trip): You don’t have time to meet me…

Me (diplomatically): I don’t have time to meet many people I would want to meet.

Acquaintance: I guess I will see you at fashion week then?

Me: Yes. I will be there on all the five days.

Acquaintance: Great! Listen babes, can u please keep some show passes for me?

 Me (diplomatically): We don’t get passes, being media. We have a photo ID accreditation.

Acquaintance: But you can ask your designer and model friends, na? They will give it to you.

Me (highly irritated by now but trying to sound polite): Hmmm. Will try my bestest.

 Acquaintance: Thanks so much. Can’t wait to hang with you…

What intrigues me is why this acquaintance suddenly wants to “hang” with me after not being in touch for months?

If they really want to hang with me, all they need to do is ask me out for a coffee!

Problem khatam!

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