Umm. This Magazine Misspelled Deepika Padukone's Name In The List Of World's Highest-Paid Actresses

Swagata Dam , 24 Aug 2016

Yesterday, we told you how Deepika Padukone has made it to the Forbes’ list of the highest paid female actors. The person to top the list is Jennifer Lawrence for the second year in a row, with an estimated value of $46,000,000. And DP came in at number ten with an estimated value of $10,000,000.

While we are really proud of the actress for making it to this list, we spotted a silly typo on Harper’s Bazaar. They’ve misspelled her name is ‘Peedika Padukone’. LOL.


This popular magazine goofs up big time spells Deepika name as Peedika Padukone in Forbes highest paid actresses list (2)


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