"If You Start Collecting The Plastic That Has Gone Into Our Bollywood Bodies, I Can Fill 3 Trucks" - Rakhi Sawant

Shreemi Verma , 29 Aug 2016
Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

My favourite person in the world, Rakhi Sawant (sorry mom) has given an interview to Mumbai Mirror. She spoke about her upcoming movie Ek Kahani Julie Ki (loosely based on the Sheena Bora murder case, for which media barons Indrani and Peter Mukerjea have been arrested), that Modi dress and a lot of other things. Here are some interesting excerpts –

On knowing Indrani and Peter and who the real murderer is –

“I knew all three of them. I have done TV shows for them. I have known Sheena ever since I was introduced to Indrani. We all hung out. We partied. It’s not Indrani. It’s Peter. Look, I know Indrani. It’s just not possible. No mother does this to her own daughter, yaar. Peter, well, there’s evidence. Besides, Sheena and Indrani always called each other ‘didi’, at least when I was around them.

On tweaking the script a little –

The producer got cold feet on receiving threatening calls, so he changed the script a bit. I feel the original screenplay had a lot more edge. But it’s still 60 per cent there. I would have gone the whole hog if it were me, but then again, the producer had his circumstances.

On wearing a dress with Prime Minister Narendra Modi face on her butt –

I don’t understand this world. This is my life. Before he even became PM, I was one of the first celebrities to publicly criticise Rahul Gandhi and call out Modi’s name from rooftops. Am I supposed to wear a Donald Trump t-shirt as an Indian? I don’t care. I’m not a terrorist or a rapist. There are worse crimes committed in this nation.

And the best quote of the interview –

I have undergone plastic surgery. I got my breasts done. Big deal. If you start collecting the plastic that has gone into our Bollywood bodies, I can fill three trucks outside this very building. At least I’m honest enough to admit to it.


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